Top 7 Panasonic Remote Controls

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More than just an instrument to change the television channels, remote controls have become the ultimate command centre for personal audio visual entertainment systems. Television remote controls have even advanced to the point of operating like a computer mouse when it comes to accessing onscreen media, including smart TV Internet offerings. Panasonic makes a large number of remotes; some operate with specific Panasonic models and others are programmable universal remotes for multiple devices. Consumers have many options when it comes to Panasonic remote controls and learning about the different models can help buyers find a remote that meets their needs. Sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of Panasonic remotes including all of the most popular styles.
1 Panasonic VIERA Smart TV Touch Pad Remote Control
Panasonic VIERA Smart TV Touch Pad Remote Control

Unlike most conventional remote controls, the VIERA Touch Pad controller has a large thumb pad surface that makes onscreen navigation easy. Available on Panasonic's premium VIERA WT50 and VT50 series Smart TVs, the Touch Pad controller allows for easy web surfing using your thumb to scroll, access menus, and make selections similar to using a wireless mouse. The infrared controller works at a distance of up to 3 m from the television set.


2 Panasonic DMP BDT320 Blu-ray Remote Control
Panasonic DMP BDT320 Blu-ray Remote Control

Controlling a DVD player usually involves the basic stop, start, pause, and scan buttons common on most remote controls. The Panasonic DMP BDT320 Blu-ray remote offers a more sophisticated interface with the use of a touchpad controller. While the VIERA touch pad is round and designed for use with your thumb, the Blu-ray remote touchpad is square and operates like a finger swipe pad. Users select keys by moving an on-screen pointer and tapping the touchpad to initiate the action.


3 Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV Remote Control N2QAYB000570
Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV Remote Control N2QAYB000570

The VIERA Plasma TV remote model number N2QAYB000570 is a conventional numbered keypad remote that has all of the popular features TV viewers have come to expect. Large volume and channel up/down buttons are in the centre of the remote just above the keypad. Standard play, pause, fast forward, and reverse controls are on the bottom. Underneath the red power button on the top of the remote are easy access menu features.


4 Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV Controller N2QAYB000777S
Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV Controller N2QAYB000777S

Very similar in design and layout to the N2QAYB000570, the Panasonic VIERA remote model number N2QAYB000777S has many features consumers appreciate. The control keys are white instead of black and illuminate with the push of a light button on the top right hand side of the remote. An Internet button is on the top centre of the remote for quick online access and a Netflix button is below the scan/play controls on the bottom.


5 Panasonic LCD HDTV Controller N2QAYB000100
Panasonic LCD HDTV Controller N2QAYB000100

The Panasonic LCD HDTV controller model number N2QAYB000100 is almost exactly like the N2QAYB000570 except for the addition of TV, VCR, DBS/CBL, and DVD buttons in a row along the top portion of the remote control unit. Users can program these buttons to operate additional consumer video components similar to a universal remote control, allowing the operator full control of the video selection and playback process from a single remote control.


6 Panasonic Universal Remote Control EUR7722KH0
Panasonic Universal Remote Control EUR7722KH0

A true universal remote for a complete home entertainment system the Panasonic EUR7722KH0 can operate a number of different audio/video components. Designed for use with a DVD/VCR recorder combination the remote can also provide controls for audio surround sound equipment including the tuner. Switch easily between VCR and DVD modes for easy playback and recording.


7 Panasonic TV Remote Control EUR7737Z10
Panasonic TV Remote Control EUR7737Z10

The Panasonic EUR7737Z10 provides basic TV, VCR, and DVD control functions along with keys such as recall, mute, and TV guide. Play, pause, and search function keys are on the bottom of the remote with the large channel and volume up/down keys above. The numbered keypad is in the centre with menu and device controls at the top. The silver face and white key design make the remote easy to read and find control functions.

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