Top 7 Tilt and Swivel TV Mounts

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More and more home entertainment aficionados are choosing flat screen TVs and need a solution to mount them on their walls for multi-angle viewing. Fortunately, manufacturers have responded with a bevy of tilt and swivel TV mounts, which support multi-angle TV viewing. To choose the right one, home entertainment aficionados need to do their homework. Getting familiar with top-name brands and their products is an important pre-purchase step. Often, shoppers can look to home entertainment or electronics venues to find tilt and swivel TV mounts. However, for the broadest selection of these essential TV accessories at competitive prices, smart shoppers can turn to eBay.
1 Designer Habitat Cantilever TV Wall Bracket
Designer Habitat Cantilever TV Wall Bracket

A heavy duty TV wall mount, the Designer Habitat Cantilever TV Wall Bracket is made of reinforced, heavy-gauge steel. The mount offer quick, easy installation with a large cut-out plate to fit over plug outlets and free fitting hardware. The bracket features 15 degree tilt and 180 degree swivel. Designer Habitat offers several models to fit varied TV sizes, so shoppers should check their TV's dimensions to choose the right mount.


2 Sanus VMF322 Vision Full Motion Mount
Sanus VMF322 Vision Full Motion Mount

An ultra-slim mount, the Sanus VMF322 Vision Full Motion Mount sits just 3.5 cm from the wall, yet it can extend all the way up to 56.1 cm away from the wall. The mount features easy-to-use fingertip tilt technology for effortless angle adjustments. In addition, the flat screen TV mount comes with a built-in cable management solution and post-installation levelling to ensure perfect TV positioning. A decorative cover, which hides installation hardware, provides a finished look.


3 B-Tech BT7524 Flat Screen Wall Mount
B-Tech BT7524 Flat Screen Wall Mount

Designed to accommodate medium-sized TVs, up to 81 cm and 20 kg, the B-Tech BT7524 Flat Screen Wall Mount comes pre-assembled for easy installation in just three steps. With 17 degree to negative 10 degree tilt and 50 degree swivel, this TV wall mount allows screen mounting in both portrait and landscape orientation. The mount also features a unique on-wall leveling system for perfect screen viewing at any angle.


4 OmniMount ULPC-X Mount
OmniMount ULPC-X Mount

Home entertainment aficionados who need an extra-large mount should consider the OmniMount ULPC-X Mount. This sturdy flat screen TV mount accommodates TVs ranging from 106 cm to 190 cm and allows TVs to tilt, pan, and swivel for wide-range viewing. To keep TV cables securely in place, the mount features a convenient snap close cable management. In addition, the mounts manoeuvrable arms can extend full or retract flat against the wall.


5 Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB Mount
Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB Mount

Thanks to a 15-degree tilt and 180-degree swivel, the Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB Mount supports wide-angle viewing. This VESA-compliant mount also features a single arm, which extends from the wall up to 71 cm. To support easy installation, this mount comes with hardware and both HDMI and Ethernet cables for connecting audio and visual components. In addition, the ALAMLB Mount features a heavy-grade steel construction for strength and durability, along with covers for the wall plate and joint for an attractive, finished look.


6 Peerless SUA765PU Ultra Slim
Peerless SUA765PU Ultra Slim

Home entertainment aficionados who choose an ultra-thin TV model may want to look at an ultra-slim mount. One solid choice is the Peerless SUA765PU Ultra Slim,, designed specifically for ultra-thin TV models, which have universal VESA patterns. This dual-arm model folds into 5 cm from the wall and extends all the way to 28 cm away from the wall. Thanks to a 72.5-degree swivel and 15-degree tilt, viewers can enjoy multi-angle viewing. The mount comes with a dual stud plate to facilitate perfect on-the-wall placement and enhanced screen stability.


7 Tru-Vue TRA730 Articulating Wall Mount
Tru-Vue TRA730 Articulating Wall Mount

A wall mount that extends, turns, the Tru-Vue TRA730 Articulating Wall Mount lets owners level the screen at any time at any angle for optimum multi-angle viewing. Designed to accommodate TVs ranging in size from 25 cm to 60 cm, the mount fits TVs with VESA 75 and 100 viewing patterns. A simple hook-on design facilitates easy installation.


How to Buy Tilt and Swivel TV Mounts on eBay

To get the most out of a flat screen TV, home entertainment aficionados should consider getting a tilt and swivel TV mount. For an array of TV mount offerings, head to eBay. Getting started is as easy as using a regular search engine. Just type in a few relevant keywords into the eBay search bar. In addition, you can use eBay's convenient advanced search function to custom create and save precise search queries. eBay provides handy tools to evaluate sellers' reputations, including a star ranking system and prior purchaser feedback. Without question, eBay is a standout shopping resource with bargains on every kind of home entertainment, including tilt and swivel TV mounts.
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