Top 7 Tools Needed to Repair CB Radios

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Performing repairs on a CB radio requires a few hand tools like a screwdriver to gain access to the internal components and needle nose pliers for handling small components when soldering. However, to properly repair a CB radio, some specialty tools like a SWR meter and a dummy load are necessary to perform certain tests and adjust settings. Buyers can purchase tools for repairing CB radios at electronic specialty stores and some electronic retailers. Certain items may be difficult to locate, but sellers on eBay offer a complete selection of CB radio repair tools, even the specialty items like dummy loads and solder removal tools.
1 Another CB Radio or CB Walkie-Talkie
Another CB Radio or CB Walkie-Talkie

When the CB radio repair is complete, it is important to test the unit to make sure it is working properly. Do not rely on being able to connect to another active radio in the area; have a backup test CB available. Walkie-talkie CBs make good test units, as they are easy to carry, run on batteries, and work well at short ranges. Testing the repaired CB radio with another unit tells more than if the radio is putting out a signal; it also verifies return reception and audio quality.


2 An SWR Meter
An SWR Meter

The standing wave ratio (SWR) meter makes sure the CB antenna on the CB radio is properly tuned to the radio's circuitry. With the SWR meter in line between the radio and the antenna, the radio technician can adjust the antenna length, determine if the antenna is properly grounded, or if there is a short to the antenna coax connectors. High-end SWR meters have a reference and forward switch, as well as a needle adjustment knob. A test coax jumper cable is necessary to connect the meter to the CB radio.


3 A Soldering Iron
A Soldering Iron

When making internal repairs to CB radio circuitry, a soldering iron is necessary to loosen and secure wire ends, resistors, and circuit boards. For precision work, a soldering iron with a needle point allows the user to make exact connections. Soldering irons that have replaceable tips allow the radio tech the option of switching to a larger tip for coax cable work. A stand that can hold a hot soldering iron up off the work surface is a valuable accessory to purchase along with the soldering tool.


4 A Solder Removal Tool
A Solder Removal Tool

When replacing a component that is soldered to the circuit board of the CB radio, a solder removal tool is essential. Spring-loaded solder removers create suction with the compression of the spring for easy one-handed use. Replaceable o-rings on the plunger and a solder removal tool that comes apart for easy cleaning are good features to look for in the tool.


5 A Dummy Load
A Dummy Load

Testing a CB radio without an antenna can damage the transmitter. A dummy load allows the technician to test the CB with the same characteristics. Dummy loads help the radio technician to make adjustments taking into consideration the SWR of the antenna to be used with the radio. The dummy load needs a coaxial termination to connect to the test coax jumper cable.


6 Clip Leads
Clip Leads

Clip leads allow for easy attachment when testing the CB radio. The clip leads can attach to the power supply and then to the radio to supply electrical current. Alligator clip attachments are the most common clips for test leads. Generally one lead is black and the other is red to make sure the two different leads are easily identifiable.


7 12-Volt DC Power Supply
12-Volt DC Power Supply

Most CB radios operate on a vehicle's 12-volt electrical system. When repairing and testing a CB radio on the workbench, a 12-volt DC power supply is necessary. A 12v car battery works as a test power supply. A 12v battery charger is another means to provide a constant supply of DC power to CB radio testing. Radio technicians can also purchase an adapter to convert 220-volt household circuit to 12-volt DC.


How to Buy CB Repair Tools

There is no need for radio repair technicians to search for CB repair tools when they can find everything they need online at the eBay marketplace. Sellers offer basic hand tools and specialty repair equipment with a good selection of products as well as competitive prices. Simply enter the item you are looking for in any eBay search bar and browse through all the items that match the keyword description. Select the tools you want to purchase, complete the transaction on eBay by paying with PayPal, and have the product shipped directly to your door. Finding all the tools you need to perform CB repairs on eBay and taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping can keep your workbench well-stocked so you are ready to go to work.
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