Top 7 USB Cables

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Between laptops, personal music players, tablets, phones and more, the average technologically-savvy user can own many different electronic devices from more than one company. To keep all the information from being spread too thin, it's important to have the necessary USB cables to connect these devices together, or into one central location, such as a desktop computer. There are seven vital USB cables that the user should be aware of, even if he or she does not own the device associated with the cable. Knowing about the top seven cables makes one's technological centre easier to plan and manage, and all these cables can be easily found on bought on eBay.
1 Laptop USB Cables
Laptop USB Cables

A laptop USB cable can mean one of two types of cables: the first is a USB-to-USB cable. The second can apply to any cable where one end connects into the USB port on a laptop. The former cable, the USB-to-USB, is useful if the user wants to connect two laptops (or a laptop to a computer), together for file sharing. The latter type can include cables that are listed below, such as USB to Firewire, USB to HDMI, USB 2.0 cables, and more. While these cables can be used on any other computer with a USB port, there are some cables that are made specifically for laptop users.


2 USB to Firewire Cable
USB to Firewire Cable

To make uploading and storing photos and videos from a Firewire digital camera or camcorder easier, the user can purchase a USB to Firewire cable. This cable consists of a USB male connector on one end and a four-pin Firewire connector on the other, which allows users to transfer digital data from Firewire digital cameras and camcorders to computers and other devices quickly and simply. Many USB to Firewire cables boast high performances due to the Firewire i-Link serial bus technology, and can have data transfer rates of 480Mbps or more.


3 12-Volt 5-Volt Dual Power USB to eSATA Cable
12-Volt 5-Volt Dual Power USB to eSATA Cable

An eSATA cable allows SATA hard drives to be attached externally. These hard drives have high data transfer rates and has a disk interface. A 12-Volt 5-Volt Dual Power USB to eSATA cable connects an external SATA hard drive to a Blu-ray, DVD, or CD player, or a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet for easy information transfer. The 12-volt and 5-volt dual power feature means that the cable supports both 5-volt and 12-volt power. The 5V output works with 6.25-cm (2.5-inch), hard drives, while 12V works with 8.9-cm (3.5-inch), and 13.3-cm (5.25-inch), hard drives.


4 USB to HDMI Cable
USB to HDMI Cable

Some of the cables previously mentioned, like the USB to eSATA cable and USB to Firewire cable, are only necessary if the user's owns a SATA drive or Firewire device, but the USB to HDMI cable is one that should be owned by every device-loving user. One of the basic uses for this cable is to plug the USB end into one's computer, and the other into a television, so one can watch movies and TV shows on a big screen in 1080p HD quality rather than just on a laptop.


5 USB 2.0 to VGA Cable
USB 2.0 to VGA Cable

A USB 2.0 to VGA cable sends information from a USB port to a 9-pin VGA port. A VGA port, or a Video Graphics Array, can often be found on new computers, and carries an analog signal that can deliver high-quality video. Most USB to VGA cables have data transfer rates of up to 1Mbps or more, and support the RS 232 serial interface.


6 USB 3.0 Cables
USB 3.0 Cables

The USB 3.0 differs from its previous counterpart, the USB 2.0 with an increased rate of transfer (up to 4.8Gbps), an increased maximum bus power, and better power management. The user can celebrate the high quality of this USB by having high-quality USB 3.0 cables. Connecting two devices with USB 3.0 ports, this cable not only lets one transfer data but also charges whichever device, such as a phone, is plugged in.


7 USB Extensions
USB Extensions

For the user who has many electronic devices, USB extensions are a vital accessory to keep everything connected. Ranging from 50 centimetres, to 1.8 metres, to five metres, the consumer can keep a phone hooked up to a laptop from across the room, or from across one sofa cushion.


How to Buy USB Cables

Every device-using consumer needs some accessories to aid in organising all the information spread over various devices, and USB cables are the ideal accessories to have on hand. To purchase some, you can shop on eBay, where new products are available every day. To start shopping, go to any eBay page. Then type in the product you want to find, like " USB to HDMI cable", and narrow down the search results by selecting certain categories. You can enter in the highest or lowest price you want to pay for a cable and find results that fit that price, or search by brand, condition, and more.
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