Top 7 Utility Belts

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Every man and woman can benefit from having one highly functional utility belt in his or her wardrobe. Simply put, a utility belt is a great accessory for a wide range of outfits. A good-quality utility belt can accent one outfit one day and create a different look with another ensemble at night. To choose the right utility belt, fashion shoppers should get to know some of the top belt brands. Belts are available at many clothing and accessory retailers, both on and offline. However, many savvy fashion shoppers rely on eBay as their preferred shopping destination for utility belts and other their fashion needs.
1 Tommy Hilfiger Utility Belts

Tommy Hilfiger is a popular, American designer, who makes a wide variety of good quality items, including durable, fashionable belts. Many Tommy Hilfiger belts are made of leather and feature stylish accents and standout details. Their belt collection features solid brown and black designs, along with braided and woven styles for multi-occasion wear.


2 Gucci Utility Belts

Italian fashion house, Gucci has been a style sensation since the 1920s. Many Gucci belts have the brand's widely recognisable double G logo emblazoned on their buckles. These logo-embellished belts, which come in both men and women's styles, are often made of canvas or leather. Wearing a belt with the Gucci logo prominently displayed lets its owners display their designer fashion flare.


3 Express Utility Belts

Express offers accessories with a distinctive, yet budget-friendly style for both men and women. Several Express belts for men are leather and 2-in-1 reversible, which gives wearers the benefit of two styles for one price. The company also offers classic leather belts for women. Express is known as a brand that keeps an eye on fashion trends and adapts them to their target market of 20 to 30 year olds.


4 American Apparel Utility Belts
American Apparel Utility Belts

American Apparel offers many stylish belts for men and women. One of the most versatile American Apparel belts is its unisex basic leather belt, which comes in basic colours, such as black, Bordeaux brown, and taupe, along with several unique shades. The brand also has a unisex leather rope belt, which is a skinner style with a leather covered buckle. In addition to their unisex styles, the company offers several belts just for men and women.


5 Calvin Klein Utility Belts

Calvin Klein is a world-renowned fashion house. The brand makes many fashionable and functional belts for men and women, in a wide variety of colours. Many Calvin Klein belts are made of leather, with some reversible belt options for added wear flexibility. In many designs, a square silver belt buckle is a classy accent that elevates the look of the belts.


6 Rothco Utility Belts

Rothco is produces a wide range of military-style clothing and accessories. The popular Rothco belts collection includes both basic web and leather belts, which can easily shift across a number of wearing occasions. Rothco web belts are perfect for anyone with a rugged, casual style, while the brand's leather belts can function in dressier settings.


7 Dickies Utility Belts

Dickies got its start creating rugged work attire, and their no-nonsense style approach continues to the present day. The brand has many belt options, including reversible leather. While many Dickies belts are leather, the brand does have canvas belts as well. Several of the company's belts feature nickel buckles and prongs for a touch of simple flair to complement their basic yet multifunctional belt designs.


The Importance of Utility Belt Size

Even a top-quality utility belt cannot look its best if the sizing is incorrect. Wearers should get to know their waist size and consult manufacturer's sizing charts when shopping. Most belts come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Typically, a small fits a 71.1-cm waist, with a medium fitting 86.3 to 91.4 cm, a large scaled to 96.5 to 101.6 cm, and an extra-large fitting 106.6 to 111.8 cm. By contrast, some brands offer belts to fit most people, often billed as one-size-fits-all belts.

How to Buy the Top 7 Utility Belts on eBay

Many fashion shoppers look to eBay for all their accessory needs. To follow their lead, you can get started on any eBay webpage. Search the inventory using a few descriptive keywords. A general search like " belts" returns the broadest selection, but you can also focus on a particular brand or style of belt you prefer. In addition, eBay provides a helpful advanced search feature, which you can use to customise and save queries to zero in on exactly the item you want. Without question, a utility belt is a must-have item in every wardrobe. To find the best deals on these fashion essentials, shoppers can turn to eBay.
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