Top 8 Tablet Cases

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Tablets are even more mobile and more vulnerable to cracked screens and scratches than laptops are. This means it is essential to protect the tablet with a good case. A high-quality case not only protects the tablet but also provides other functions. For example, many cases double as a viewing stand. Style is also clearly a criterion, whether buyers want the tablet to have a smart professional look or a unique and personalised design. Tablet owners can find cases in department stores, computer supply stores, and online on eBay. Otterbox, Belkin, and Kensington are just some of the brands making excellent tablet cases for every possible need.
1 Belkin Access Folio Stand for iPad
Belkin Access Folio Stand for iPad

The Belkin Access Folio Stand for iPad folds behind the tablet to stand the tablet up for easy viewing. The same configuration makes it possible to recline the tablet at a slight angle for more comfortable typing. Unlike many other folio cases, the Belkin also has a pocket on the outside for keeping accessories close at hand.


2 Targus Versavu for iPad and iPad Mini
Targus Versavu for iPad and iPad Mini

The Targus Versavu combines style with function in one of the most innovative and useful designs on the market. A snug-fitting hard shell holds the tablet while the outer layers allow the user to set the tablet up in landscape or portrait mode, inclined at any angle. The soft inner lining protects the screen. The Versavu is available for both the iPad and the iPad Mini.


3 Toshiba Thrive Portfolio Case
Toshiba Thrive Portfolio Case

Owners of the Toshiba Thrive can look to Toshiba's version of a fully rotating tablet case. The Thrive Portfolio has the clean simple lines of a business portfolio. A retractable magnetic closure keeps the tablet secure when the case is closed, and there is always easy access to ports and buttons.


4 Jill-e Metro Tablet Bag
Jill-e Metro Tablet Bag

5 Kensington Sling Bag Tablet Case

The convenience of a shoulder bag that houses a tablet as well as other items is not just for women. The Kensington Sling Bag suits both men and women with a simple rectangular design and black textile surface. It has an external zippered pocket as well as an inner pocket and a padded compartment for any tablet smaller than 10.2 inches.


6 The Ridge iPad Case by Devicewear
The Ridge iPad Case by Devicewear

The distinctive feature of the Ridge iPad Case is its ultra-slim design. A magnetic smart-enabled closure means the case wakes or hibernates the iPad upon opening and closing. It allows five different angles for landscape viewing and a low typing position a well.


7 Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve for the Microsoft Surface
Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve for the Microsoft Surface

The Incipio sleeve fits the Microsoft Surface as well as other tablets of the same size, such as the Vivo Tab RT. The two-toned nylon on the outside is attractive and low-maintenance while the rubberised zipper pulls and faux fur padded interior speak of high-quality construction. The sleeve has one exterior pocket and comes in several colours.


8 Otterbox Defender Series iPad Mini Case
Otterbox Defender Series iPad Mini Case

Otterbox makes protection the foremost priority with the Defender series. The tablet sits in a hard plastic case backed by a soft silicone shell. A hard shell screen protector clips onto the face when the tablet is not in use and clips on the back of the tablet when the tablet is in use. The shield also has a pop-out stand that serves to prop up the tablet in landscape or portrait mode.


Additional Tablet Accessories

Buyers should consider the tablet accessories they need before buying a case, to make sure that everything fits in the new case. Popular accessories include a tablet stylus, charger, or memory cards, and bulkier accessories like a tablet keyboard. More essentials than accessories, thin plastic screen protectors keep the touchscreen free of scratches.

How to Buy a Tablet Case on eBay

eBay offers a wide selection of tablet cases. Buying a tablet case or accessories on eBay is easy. Enter the term 'tablet case' in the search box on any eBay page. Then refine the search by criteria like price or brand. Once you find a listing you are interested in, check the seller's feedback score and read the product description. eBay's Top-rated sellers feature an award icon to make it easy for buyers to find reputable sellers. A few minutes spent to find and buy a tablet case on eBay are well worth it for a case that protects the tablet for years to come.
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