Top 8 Wired Keyboards

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Finding the perfect wired keyboard is a simple matter of evaluating a user's needs. People who type constantly throughout the day may enjoy the additional ergonomic support offered by a cushion over the keyboard's wrist rest area. Typists may also find that a split keyboard offers relief from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Gamers concerned with keystroke speed and accuracy can likely benefit from searching out a keyboard designed especially for efficient gaming applications. If portability is an issue, a compact keyboard is a good choice. No matter what the criteria, finding a quality wired keyboard on eBay is a simple matter of deciding which model best meets the user's needs.
1 Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard
Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard

A plush palm rest keeps the user comfortable during long sessions of typing with the


2 Fellowes Smart Design Keyboard

One touch Internet access, seven additional hot keys, and 16-character buffer make the


3 Adesso Mini Keyboard

The Mini Keyboard is equipped with 88 keys but still offers 104-key functionality. Twelve dedicated function keys and an embedded numeric keypad make it a compact but fully functional tool. The USB interface allows the user to connect the keyboard to any compatible Windows device.


4 Lenovo Preferred Pro Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming KeyboardThree windows keys and a quiet 104-key, full-size keyboard layout make the Lenovo Preferred Pro Keyboard a popular choice for heavy use. The rubberized wrist rest is detachable, and three levels of keyboard tilt keep the user comfortable. The key skirt shows the most common Windows shortcuts. This fully functional USB keyboard offers a choice of multiple keyboard languages.


5 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard offers gamers a means to execute commands faster than any other standard gaming keyboard. Each key has a mechanical key switch mechanism that allows the user to feel each key click. The F1 key sits above the W home key, allowing faster keypress accuracy during games that require the use of the F-key row. Entering complex driver menus is unnecessary with up to 10 profiles available at all times. Save keyboard settings to the Razer cloud and play from any computer without having to reconfigure.


6 Dynex USB Keyboard
Dynex USB Keyboard

The Dynex USB Keyboard features 104 keys in a waterproof case. Hot keys and nine multimedia keys make typing easy. LED indicators offer the status of the number and caps lock keys as well as the scroll lock functions. The extra-long cord allows flexible placement to increase user comfort and versatility.


7 Logitech K310 Washable USB Keyboard
Logitech K310 Washable USB Keyboard

8 Apple Aluminium Keyboard

Compatible with any Apple Macintosh computer equipped with Bluetooth technology, the ultra slim cord-free Apple Aluminium Keyboard takes up 24 per cent less space than a standard keyboard. Crisp, responsive keys encased in a sleek aluminium frame keep the user comfortable with a slight tilt. This keyboard requires only two AA batteries. The unit powers down automatically when not in use and powers up when the keys are touched.


Finding Wired Keyboards on eBay

It is simple to find the ideal wired keyboard on eBay. Begin by conducting a basic keyword search. Refine the search results by geography, price, or popularity. Be sure to pay special attention to the seller's feedback score and the comments left by previous customers about their experience. Be aware that shipping policies and accepted payment methods vary from seller to seller as well. Buyers who like to browse can find what they are looking for in a bundled package at one of the eBay Stores. There are many different wired keyboards available on eBay. Finding the perfect keyboard at a good price is a simple matter of spending some time searching eBay.
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