Top 8 eBook Keyboard Folios

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Three kinds of eBooks carry the bulk of the market: the Apple iPad, the Kindle Fire from Amazon, and the Google Nexus tablets. Keying on-screen is possible but many users prefer a separate keyboard. The more tactile feel of the separate keys makes entering data easier for many users, and Bluetooth keyboards are essential for connectivity. When using tablet computers, the easiest way to carry a keyboard is integrated as part of the tablet cover that protects the tablet itself. Reviewers and users have identified the top tablet cases with integrated keyboards for these eBooks.
1 Keyboard Folios for the iPad
Keyboard Folios for the iPad

The iPad's users are passionate so it is not surprising that the various tablet cases also have passionate advocates. Logitech keyboard cases are far and away the top brand for the iPad. Zagg keyboards are popular for the iPad mini.


2 Logitech Fabricskin
Logitech Fabricskin

Everyone loves the Logitech Fabricskin even while they admit its limitations. Its rubber-covered water-resistant keyboard is a big plus, as are the automatic Bluetooth connection and the distinctive magnetic lock that snaps it into position. The keyboard has a few quirks which require a bit of a learning curve, but these are typical of these kinds of gear. The biggest challenge is the size: fully loaded, the Fabricskin weighs 2.7 pounds, or as much as some laptop computers. It is a relatively pricey tablet folio, too: nonetheless, it comes out on top of everyone's wish lists.


3 Logitech Keyboard Folio or Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

These two run neck and neck and are distinguished by the user's demands and expectations. The Logitech Ultrathin is, surprisingly, not the slimmer of the two. It is a keyboard more than a case, which snaps into place to cover the iPad screen but requires a separate protective case or back cover for the iPad during travel. The Keyboard Folio is a proper folio that provides good protection for many different sizes and generations of iPad. It gets less enthusiastic reviews for a relative lack of flexibility in how its keyboard may be positioned in relation to the screen, but offers a stable platform.


4 Kindle Fire Cases
Kindle Fire Cases

Like most eBooks, the Fire is available in more than one size and more than one keyboard is offered. Still, one provider, Belkin, has risen to the top among the reviews of keyboard folios for this brand.


5 Belkin Keyboard Folio Case
Belkin Keyboard Folio Case

A wide range of Kindle Fire keyboard cases are available for the 7-inch model but Belkin gets the nod as top provider. The Belkin Keyboard Folio keyboard is well-designed with good spacing, springy keys, and essential shortcuts. The battery is expected to last for up to 155 hours of use. The primary issue with keyboards for any small tablet like this is how useful this tablet size is for business applications. Generally, the keyboard user is seeking support for messaging, email, and some writing only and needs a folio that supports the small screen where it is visible.


6 Belkin YourType Folio Keyboard
Belkin YourType Folio Keyboard

The Belkin YourType tablet cover fits the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch model. The folio stand angle is adjustable so the screen can be set to the user's preferred view. Some users suggest that the folio adjusts most successfully after the keyboard has been removed, so this is a point for consideration. The TruType keyboard in the tablet case can be conveniently removed with Bluetooth enabling access at any distance that seems reasonable. The keyboard battery is said to be good for 60 hours of continuous use or up to 2,000 hours of standby access with standard charging via USB.


7 Keyboard Cases for the Google Nexus
Keyboard Cases for the Google Nexus

The best keyboard case for the Nexus is not a case; it is just the best keyboard for the Nexus.


8 Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard
Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard

The Logitech keyboard for the Nexus 7 is simply the keyboard that reviewers say is best for use with the Nexus, and for Android phones, and for many notebook computers as well. Its Bluetooth connectivity is good up to 30 feet away by one test and its backlit keys are easy to use in any level of light. The Nexus 7 is, like the iPad mini, too small for most business applications, making the keyboard less useful to many users than might be expected. Still, those who write and keep up with online correspondence on this mini-tablet are likely to find the keyboard an easier way to key than the on-screen keypad. There are a number of Nexus 7 keyboard folios offered; they just haven't excited reviewers as much as this Logitech.


How to Buy eBook Keyboard Folios

Finding keyboard folios for any preferred eBook is simple. On eBay, start by keying into the Search window the term "keyboard folio" with the desired folio brand or tablet model. A Search for "ipad keyboard folio" yields folios for all sizes and generations; modifying it to " iPad Mini keyboard folio" produces only folios suitable for the iPad mini. Searching for " keyboard case" or " keyboard cover" may yield additional results, since some sellers use these descriptions. Select according to colour, price, or brand. The many options available on eBay make finding a quality keyboard case for your eBook quick and easy.
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