Top 9 Bed-in-a-Bag Sets for University Students

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Going off to university represents many changes in a young adult's life, and a new bedding set provides a chance to start fresh in a new space. Bed-in-a-bag sets provide the necessary components for creating a cohesive bedding set. Bedding sets come in different sizes, and some include everything from the sheets to the comforter, while others only include pillowcases and duvet covers. Considering the bed serves as the focal point of most dorm rooms, the right bedding helps set the mood for a new room. New bed-in-a-bag sets on eBay come at better discounts than getting them elsewhere online or at department stores, allowing university students to save money for other dorm room essentials.
1 Lorenza Bed-in-a Bag Set
Lorenza Bed-in-a Bag Set

The Lorenza bed-in-a-bag sets feature a contemporary design that fits in any college dorm room. These bed-in-a-bag sets come in several colours, ranging from a sedate black and grey to the more eye-catching pink, purple, and black. The Lorenza sets include a duvet cover, two pillowcases, a cushion cover, and a quilted bed runner.


2 Salisbury Bed-in-a-Bag Set
Salisbury Bed-in-a-Bag Set

Another basic university-friendly bedding set, the Salisbury bed-in-a-bag set includes five pieces: two pillowcases, a cushion cover, a duvet cover, and a quilted runner. Everything in the set uses microfibre, except the underside of the duvet cover, which comprises poly-cotton. The Salisbury set does not come with sheets, so consumers can choose what they want to accompany this set.


3 Royal Hotel Bed-in-a-Bag Set
Royal Hotel Bed-in-a-Bag Set

Royal Hotel bed-in-a-bag sets comprise 100 per cent Egyptian cotton, with either goose down or goose down alternative for the comforters. Royal Hotel offers several options for sets, including a three-piece set that includes the comforter, duvet cover, and pillow shams. In addition, the eight-piece bed-in-a-bag set includes a comforter, a sheet set, two pillowcases, a duvet cover, and two pillow shams.


4 Love Bed-in-a-Bag Set
Love Bed-in-a-Bag Set

For whimsy and cheerfulness, the Love bed-in-a-bag set comes in a variety of colours and features the word "Love" repeated in a cute font. The bed-in-a-bag set comes with the standard duvet cover, two pillowcases, a cushion cover, and a bed runner. Colours range from gold and silver to bright rainbow effects on the word "Love".


5 IKEA Quilt Cover and Bedding Set
IKEA Quilt Cover and Bedding Set

Bedding sets from IKEA are more utilitarian than other bed-in-a-bag sets; they only include the duvet cover and a set of four pillowcases. This makes them ideal for university students who do not want the extra features of a cushion cover or bed runner. IKEA's bedding sets come in a wide variety of colours, with enough options to suit any dorm.


6 Marisa Bed-in-a-Bag Set
Marisa Bed-in-a-Bag Set

Mature and feminine, the Marisa bed-in-a-bag set features one pillowcase, a cushion cover, a duvet cover, and a bed runner. The set uses 100 per cent polyester and is machine washable, making care that much easier on a busy college student. The Marisa set comes in several colour palettes, including browns, blacks, and reds.


7 Catherine Lansfield Bedding Set
Catherine Lansfield Bedding Set

The Catherine Lansfield betting sets provide a variety of styles, from vintage-inspired florals to contemporary minimalist designs. These bedding sets feature a 52/48 blend of polyester and cotton and are machine washable with simple care instructions. These sets include duvet covers and two pillowcases.


8 Dreams n Drapes Duvet Set
Dreams n Drapes Duvet Set

For the college student looking for a basic and inexpensive duvet set, the Dreams n Drapes bedding set provides either a duvet cover and a single pillowcase for single-sized beds, or two pillowcases along with the duvet cover for larger bedding sizes. The sets feature 52 per cent polyester and 48 per cent cotton, and they come in a variety of colourful prints.


9 Asha Bed-in-a-Bag Set
Asha Bed-in-a-Bag Set

For a more classic and grown-up look, university students may like the Asha bed-in-a-bag set.. The sets feature polyester and are machine washable and dryable. The set comes with the duvet cover, two pillowcases, a bed runner, and a cushion cover.



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