Top 9 Real Time Tracking Devices

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Real time tracking devices make use of the global positioning system to monitor the location of a person or vehicle. Standard GPS loggers record the position of the person or vehicle onto the actual device, but real time tracking devices feature transmission capabilities that enable the devices to broadcast their position to a central location via cellular, satellite modem, or radio signal. A computer processes these signals against a map of the area and records the position and route taken. There are several top real time tracking devices available to consumers and companies that want to monitor the position of family members or company vehicles.
1 Zoombak Advanced A-GPS Universal Locator
Zoombak Advanced A-GPS Universal Locator

The Zoombak Advanced A-GPS Universal Locator is a small water resistant tracking device designed specifically to monitor family members and personal items. The Advanced A-GPS locator enables users to monitor the position of the device on Zoomback's website or via text message to a smartphone. Parents can set personal safety zones and a notification sends to their smartphone when the locator moves out of the safety zone.


2 Zoombak eZoom Portable Tracking & Safety Locator

The Zoombak eZoom Portable Tracking & Safety Locator gives users around the clock access to the location of the person or object that the locator attaches to. The locator sends e-mail and text message alerts notifying the user of its position, or it is trackable utilising the Zoombak website. The eZoom locator features an auto installation kit that permanently attaches it to a vehicle and gives it the ability to monitor that vehicles speed and send alerts whenever the vehicle moves.


3 Spark Nano GPS Tracker
Spark Nano GPS Tracker

The Spark Nano GPS Tracker is a compact personal tracking device that offers real time tracking via Brickhouse Security software. The Spark Nano is capable of geo-fencing, which allows the user to select certain locations that the user wants to avoid. The device sends an alert via email or text message whenever it nears or enters this territory. The Spark Nano allows the user to monitor its location in real time on any PC, smartphone, or tablet.


4 iTrack GPS GSM Real-Time Tracker

The iTrack GPS GSM Real-Time Tracker utilises both GPS and GSM cellular technology to pinpoint the unit's location and monitor its movements. The iTrack unit utilises a SIM card to access the GSM network and the unit is compatible with the users monthly cell phone service, which allows the user to call the unit to receive real time tracking status. There is no need for a monthly subscription to access data.


5 Garmin GTU 10
Garmin GTU 10

The Garmin GTU 10 is specifically for athletes and outdoor oriented individuals. The Garmin GTU 10 is very compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for even the most active individuals to forget they are wearing it. The GTU 10 enables individuals to track the progress of a runner or cyclist and it sends alerts when the athlete reaches certain milestones.


6 Amber Alert GPS

Designed specifically for children, the Amber Alert GPS gives parents a way to constantly monitor their child's location. The Amber Alert GPS constantly monitors the child's location and features an SOS button that the child presses if they require help. The parent receives notification directly via email or text message when the SOS button is pressed.


7 Bushnell BackTrack GPS
Bushnell BackTrack GPS

The Bushnell BackTrack GPS is a unique GPS tracking device that allows users to find their way back to a location once it is marked by the BackTrack device. The BackTrack is ideal for hikers who need to find their way back to camp or shoppers who simply need to find their car in a crowded parking area.


8 ECCO Personal GPS Locator
ECCO Personal GPS Locator

The ECCO Personal GPS Locator enables users to mark a specific location and the device leads the user back to that location via GPS tracking. The ECCO also features a digital compass and has a battery life of up to 10 hours of constant use. The locator does go to sleep when not in use to conserve battery power.


9 TK-102 Mini GPS Tracker
TK-102 Mini GPS Tracker

The TK-102 Mini GPS Tracker is a compact tracking device that sends detailed text messages to the user once called. The TK-102 text message details the exact coordinates of its location, the speed the vehicle is travelling at, the amount of battery life left on the device. The TK-102 eliminates the need for subscriptions or a computer to monitor its position.


How to Buy Real Time Tracking Devices on eBay

Protective parents, business owners, and any individual who wants to monitor their property should take advantage of the variety of real time tracking devices available on eBay. A search box on every eBay page allows buyers to enter a specific keyword such as "real time tracking device" into the box. A detailed list of available products then displays for the buyer to search through until they find the right tracking device for their needs. If the buyer already knows the brand and model of the device they want, they need only enter that information directly into the search box and that particular product is the only one that displays.
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