Top Concerns for Buying a Large BBQ

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Top Concerns for Buying a Large BBQ

A large BBQ allows you to cook a large amount and variety of food at a time. The large BBQs available on eBay include gas and charcoal models, and you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each fuel type before buying. Consider portability and storage to ensure that you can move your large BBQ to a sheltered area in winter. Look for a model with practical features that make grilling a pleasure.


Large BBQ Fuel Types

Large BBQs typically come in charcoal and gas varieties. A charcoal BBQ takes longer to produce enough heat for grilling, but it gives food an authentic chargrilled flavour. This type of BBQ can also be difficult to light, and cleaning out the ash after using it can be messy. However, a large charcoal BBQ is cheaper than a large gas BBQ. A gas BBQ is ready for grilling in minutes and offers convenient temperature controls. It is heavier and more awkward to store and you have to assign space for gas canisters, which some users find unsightly. Oil drum and half barrel BBQs are the largest types of charcoal BBQs available. Gas barbecues come with multiple burners, and a large model usually has three to four.


Large BBQ Portability and Storage

A large BBQ is ideal for grilling food for a large family or group of friends. However, you need adequate space to store it, and it should be portable enough to allow you to move it into storage. Look for features such as lightweight construction, foldable tables and arms, and wheels that improve portability. Measure the space available on your patio or in your garden to ensure that the BBQ you choose is a good fit, and consider the availability of storage space. You may want to store your BBQ in a shed for the winter to prevent damage and corrosion from the elements. If you intend to leave the BBQ in its place during winter, ensure that it is out of the way and invest in a cover to keep it protected.


Practical Features for a Large BBQ

Look for features that facilitate the type of cooking you intend to do. A BBQ lid allows you to use the system for roasting. Look for a BBQ with a griddle for added versatility. This accessory allows you to fry, braise, and stir-fry anything from to eggs to fish to vegetables, so you can prepare an entire meal and its accompaniments on the BBQ. In gas models, a side burner allows you to prepare sauces and vegetables while grilling meat. Find a model that comes with collapsible side shelves and storage trays that allow you to keep the BBQ tools you need at hand while you cook.

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