Top Considerations When Buying Headlamp Bulbs

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Headlamps bulbs are an important safety feature in cars. They allow drivers to illuminate dark roads and help them to avoid obstacles at night. Before purchasing headlamp bulbs, drivers should determine which model they need and learn more about the available types and power ranges.

Determine the Right Model of Headlamp Bulb

To determine the right headlamp bulb for a car, drivers should look at the base of the old bulb. The model number is printed on the base of some products. If it is absent, drivers should look at the headlamp bulb details in the owner's manual.

Choose a Type of Headlamp Bulb

The most common types of headlight bulbs are halogen, xenon, and LED. Halogen bulbs are inexpensive and have a life of approximately 1,000 hours. They are fairly fragile and become extremely hot when in use. Xenon headlamp bulbs shine nearly twice as brightly as halogen versions and have an average life of 2,000 hours. They are available as clear or blue, and are typically more expensive than halogen bulbs. LED headlamp bulbs use little electricity and create almost no heat. They have an extremely long life of up to 10,000 hours. They have a fairly high initial cost, but they save money over time.

Consider the Power of the Headlamp Bulb

Watts represent the amount of light the headlamp bulbs produce. The most common values are 55, 75, and 100-watt headlamp bulbs. Before choosing bulbs, drivers should read the owner's manual to check whether it recommends a specific wattage or a range that is safe to use.

Replacing One or Both Headlamp Bulbs

If only one headlamp bulb is replaced, this often leads to uneven light distribution, so drivers should consider replacing both bulbs. This is also the case when changing to a different type of bulb, such as from halogen to LED.

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