Top Considerations for Buying a Central Heating Boiler

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Top Considerations for Buying a Central Heating Boiler

Central heating boilers provide hot water to keep the home warm, and supply bathrooms and kitchens. There are several types of boilers available. Before purchasing a central heating boiler, a buyer should consider several factors, including the type of boiler, its power source, the amount of space it requires, and how much hot water it produces.


Types of Central Heating Boilers

Combination boilers, often called combi boilers, provide hot water for central heating systems, in addition to bathroom and kitchen taps. These systems are relatively small and do not require water storage tanks. System boilers are highly reliable and used widely in homes. They heat water directly from the mains supply and store it in a large tank so it is always ready for use. Open vent boilers work in a similarly way, but rather than heating water directly from the mains, they have a cold water storage tank in addition to a hot water tank.


Types of Energy Used by Central Heating Boilers

Gas powered central heating boilers are the most common. They use gas to fuel the fire that heats water. Oil boilers, also known as oil-fired boilers, run on oil or oil mixed with biofuel. These are ideal for people that do not have an existing gas supply in the home. Combi boilers and system boilers are available in both gas and oil models.


Space Required for Central Heating Boilers

When choosing a central heating boiler one of the main factors to consider is how much space is available to mount the unit. There should be sufficient space to fit the boiler, with room around it to perform basic maintenance. For those with limited space, combi boilers are a good choice because they are compact. System boilers fit in a fairly compact space, but they also require an area for a water storage tank. Open vent boilers take up a great deal of space.


Amount of Hot Water Produced by Central Heating Boilers

Combi boilers heat water straight away directly from the mains supply, which means that they produce an almost unlimited quantity of hot water. However, it is only possible to use this water from one tap at a time without losing most of the water pressure. System boilers and open vent boilers commonly hold between 113 and 285 litres of water, depending on the size of the tank. They both power multiple taps at the same time.

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