Top Features of a Motion Tablet

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Top Features of a Motion Tablet

Motion computing makes it possible to do away with the keyboard and mouse, turning computing into a truly mobile activity. Motion tablets accomplish everything on screen with the touch of the user's fingers or, in special cases, a stylus. How the tablet is used determines which features are essential to its owner.

Gesture-based Utilities

Different motion tablets support different gesture-based utilities. Scrolling and pinch zoom were standard from the start. Touch-based browsers and games, as well as control of device settings by touch, followed. Windows 8 tablets and iPads use touch in place of mouse clicks for navigation and editing. Touch also pops up a gesture-based on-screen virtual keyboard. The sensitivity of the touch screen to gestures, as well as its ability to distinguish between a true gesture and palm resting on the screen, are important to user success.


Simultaneous Movements Supported

The number of simultaneous gestures that touch devices support has been increasing overall. Those who compare tablets from early in the game find equipment like the ViewSonic ViewPad 10 with as few as two touch points. Apple set the early standard with the ability to accommodate 11 simultaneous gestures on the iPad 2, although one has to wonder what would make the 11th gesture since people have ten fingers. The Microsoft Surface Pro and many current motion tablets can accommodate 10 simultaneous gestures.


Handwriting Recognition

The ability to write on a tablet computer with a stylus is different from the ability of a tablet to recognise the characters in your handwriting and turn them into printed text. Most tablets only have the native capacity to store handwritten text as a graphic. Windows 8 tablets have native capacity for handwriting recognition, essentially translating the graphic into text. However, apps make this possible on many other tablets.


Usability Factors

Quality, scratch resistant glass is important because fingers or stylus spend a lot of time on the surface. For its extreme durability,Gorilla Glass by Corning is often used for these tablet PCs. The quality and design of the bezel are similarly important. It must be wide or deep enough to support fingers and thumbs not engaged on screen. Otherwise, random gestures may interfere with the project in process. Finally, the overall size and screen resolution must be appropriate to the user's needs. A 10-inch tablet provides space for larger documents and thicker thumbs, while an 8-inch tablet may be adequate to other users. Even among larger tablets, variations in screen resolution are important to bear in mind, whether you wish to view a film on the tablet or work on highly detailed projects.

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