Top Features of a Smart Car

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Top Features of a Smart Car

Smart cars are among the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicles in the market. Despite their compact size, the passenger space is surprisingly comfortable. Both two- and four-passenger models are available with a range of options, including a fully customised design for buyers who seek completely unique small cars.

Great Fuel Efficiency

Drivers on the Fuelly site average more than 46 UK mpg in actual urban and extra-urban combined use of these fuel-efficient cars. This efficiency comes without loss of speed: Base models provide a top speed of 96 kph from their 61 HP engines; others have 84 HP engines that can reach 130 kph. Moreover, electric-powered Smart cars can cover up to 215 km without any petrol at all on a single charge of seven hours or less, obtaining top speeds of 100 kph.


Compact Size

The compact size of these small cars makes them easy to park and easy to take on holiday. When attempting to find parking, especially in an unfamiliar town, being able to nose directly into a small street space is a great benefit. Furthermore, when carried on smart car trailers behind caravans, these cars make perfect runabouts for the holidays. They make it possible to leave caravans conveniently parked while using far less petrol for day trips.


Tridion Safety Cell

Some people worry that small cars are not safe; however, the Smart car protects its passengers by surrounding them with a "safety cell" made from Tridion steel. This steel cube forms most of the car's chassis and includes an impact-absorbing section at the front of the vehicle. When "Top Gear" ran subcompact car crash tests at 70 mph, the Smart Fortwo remained "mostly intact", in contrast to a conventional subcompact. Much of the safety cell remains visible, and its colour may be customised in the design of many Smart cars.

Easy to Customise

Unlike most automobiles, the Smart car's exterior panels are easy enough to change that an owner who wants a new colour could just replace the body panels. Other popular upgrades include custom alloy wheels, replacing theroof to provide a panoramic view, adding an engine with more horsepower or choosing snazzier exhaust. Those buying new can even order a custom-designed Smart car. Thousands of paint colours, rims, and interior leathers offer a brilliant range of options for a Smart Brabus tailor-made vehicle.

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