Top Jewellery Pieces to Create with Silver Beads

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Top Jewellery Pieces to Create with Silver Beads

Silver is a precious metal and the respective beads can add elegance to any piece of jewellery. The beads can serve as the focal point of jewellery or add little glimmering accents here and there in the artwork. The beads come in many shapes and sizes and allow crafty people to create all kinds of jewellery pieces from bracelets to cuffs and anklets.



A bracelet is an ornamental band for the arm or wrist, and it is an easy way to decorate one's hand. In bracelets, silver beads combine well with other materials, such as wood, cloth, and other metals. Besides silver beads, charm bracelets include personal charms, such as pendants, that refer to important things in the wearer's life. Beaded bracelets use small silver beads and connect to each other with an elastic band or string. Link bracelets combine silver beads with other jewellery findings.



A necklace is a piece of jewellery for the neck, and it can combine beads with strings of stones, jewels, and chains from precious metals. The beads can be in one row or even multiple rows, and in a simple or complex design. People classify necklaces by length


Necklace Name

Length (centimetres)


35 to 41


45 to 50


56 to 58


75 to 90


Over 90


Very long, over 90


Chokers sit very high on the neck and lariat necklaces hang very long down the body.



Earrings are ornaments that hang from the lobe of the ear or any other external part of the ear. Customarily, silver beads feature in longer hanging earrings rather than small studs. Therefore, jewellery makes use of the beads mainly in dangle earrings that can reach from one centimetre long all the way to the shoulders. They attach to the ear with thin wires. Smaller silver beads could also feature in huggie earrings that sit tightly around the earlobe and can come in various shapes.



Cuffs are rather wide flat bracelets that contain many small beads and people wear them around the wrist. There are many patterns for creating beaded cuffs and silver beads can combine with many other colourful beads in order to create shapes. Moreover, larger beads in interesting shapes or even seashells can contribute greatly to creating a special piece of jewellery.



An anklet is an ornamental ankle circlet that people wear around their ankle, especially in the summer. The tradition of wearing anklets is especially strong in Egypt and India where mainly dancers wear them. Besides beads, anklets often include sonorous bells that make a sound when the wearer moves. Silver beads are more common in formal anklets. The anklets could be either flexible or inflexible and the flexible varieties tie links into a chain and use beads, while inflexible anklets use flat metal sheets.

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