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Ive been on ebay now for about 13 years both as a seller and a buyer, and whilst i believe in supporting local community I find it easy to buy from small traders on the site whom somewhere are part of a community, so a two in one really.  I also am a member of bzzagent and so was invited to take part in an ebay review guide promotion.

Now price is important but not at the expense of quality so when trundling through the results of my search I have somewhat mastered the art of spotting a good retailer (feedback is very important!)

My eldest daughter turns 18 next month and despite passing her test this year has had two accidents (BOTH NOT HER FAULT!) and the latest in October ha sleft her with whiplash.  Because of this a good bed is important.  Now it turns out her bed had broke (luckily we had a spare part) but on inspection/repair of her bed, i noticed the mattress was not as firm as i would like if its to help her whiplash, so a  new mattress is needed.

Turn to ebay, now I know I'm gonna get a decent deal with delivery and nectar points also.  i enter into search single mattress firm and a whole list hundreds if not thousands of items came up.  I didn't have time to search through them all but luckily i noticed a retailer selling a top quality mattress 12" thick with memory foam! for £66 including delivery!  A bargain.  I bought and two days later it turns up!  So impressed that Ive gone back on and bought another one for my other daughter.

In the hughstreet double that [price easily, but for a few moments searching in the warmth of my home I know the item is on its way and I'm covered by paypal protection.  I pay by amex on paypal and get avios too!, so ebay is not just for small items, literally anything is on there and i go back time and time again.


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