Top Things to Consider when Buying Single-Use AA Batteries

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Top Things to Consider when Buying Single-Use AA Batteries

In today's modern civilisation, there is a growing need for portable energy, and in some instances single-use AA batteries are indispensable. However, like all consumer products, there are points to consider before purchasing your single use AA batteries. Factors regarding shelf-life, reliability, performance, brand, storage, usage, and cost should be considered before making a purchase.


Types of AA Batteries

AA batteries are used extensively in small electronic devices such as digital cameras, radios, portable music players, torches, childrens' toys, and remote controls. Depending on the usage, batteries may last from a few hours to several months. There are three primary types of single use AA batteries, Zinc-carbon commonly referred to as dry cell, zinc-chloride popularly called heavy duty batteries, and Alkaline. Dry cell batteries are considered suitable for general purposes while Alkaline batteries are said to last much longer.


AA Batteries Shelf-life and Storage

All batteries leak eventually, whether they are installed in a device, in storage or just dead. However, some batteries have longer shelf-life than others. Therefore, it is prudent of the buyer to check and make comparisons before purchase. Lithium and Alkaline batteries may cost more but have a longer shelf-life. Storage also affects your battery longevity whereas batteries stored in heat tend to leak much quicker, whether they are installed in a device or not. Likewise, they should not be exposed to too much moisture. Buyers should read storage instructions on the labels.


AA Batteries Reliability and Performance

Some brands have a higher performance and reliability rating than other brands. They may require consumers to pay a bit more but their performance and reliability generally outweigh the difference in costs. What may appear as a bargain in volume may not be worth the cost in actual usage. Therefore, it may be better to purchase known brands such as Duracell or Energizer batteries.


Selecting an AA Battery

Regular AA batteries do not last as long when performing heavy duty tasks. Some devices require more power than others. For instance, alkaline batteries may be a more viable selection for a torch, mp3 player, or digital camera because they have a greater capacity when compared to dry cell batteries in this mode of usage. On the other hand, a television remote or a digital clock will keep performing on a dry cell battery for a long time. The capacity of AA batteries is also reliant on the voltage of the application and whether these devices require continuous or intermittent discharge in their usage.


AA Battery Usage and Disposal

Remove batteries that are installed in devices that are not being run continuously. Batteries have specific disposal requirements. Therefore, buyers should consider their means of disposing of a depleted battery before making a purchase. The packaging generally includes disposal instructions, so buyers need to ensure that these instructions are visible and in a language they can understand.

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