Top eBay Success Tips from a 115,000 Feedback Seller

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In no particular order here are our top 10 secrets for a successful eBay business

The way to success in e-tailing is Selection, Value, Ease of Use, Trust and Marketing ie have a great selection of items, offer value, make it easy to buy from you, be trustworthy and sell your stuff and...

1. Be professional. Act and look professional. Read your listings and feedback - would you buy from you? Answer questions quickly, fully and politely. Treat buyers like the royalty they are.

2. Put 100% effort into your photos. Get a good book on how to take pro photos for eBay and read it. This is THE most important sales aid.

3. Research. Do your research before you sell. Look at finished listings and see why they sold (or didn't)

4. Communicate! Sign up to an auction listing service such as Selling Manager Pro. It will help automate listing, emails and Feedback.

5. Automate. Use some professional software for replying to messages and emails.

6. Ensure your listings are easy to read and include everything a buyer may need to know. Common mistakes include missing sizes and measurements. You want to capture the browser.

7. Dispatch orders today! Amaze your buyers with your speed.

8. Have business goals and measure them. Give yourself targets for success rate and sales performance.

9. Thank your buyers. They chose you over someone else - they deserve your thanks. Keep them informed with the progress of their order.

10. Enjoy it - this will come across in your listings and general customer service. If you don't enjoy it or enjoy helping buyers then don't do it!

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