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Just a few short tips about selling large amounts of goods on ebay, hopefully they will help as these are problems i have had and problems i am still working to correct even now.

Make sure you download one of ebay's selling tool's (selling manager pro), they are amazing for automation listing and product information storing.

Open a simple and cheap ebay shop, at the start do not waste money on the featured shops, you will have plenty of time to grow into this, the wasting money advise applies for a lot of things...warehousing, vehicles, websites, staff, software etc keep it simple and use what ever you can get your hands on at the start, be patient and use your money for investing straight back into stock.

Keep listing's very simple and clear the last thing a customer wants is to be reading through hundreds of terms and postage costs, make sure every piece of information you have or can see about the product is in the description, dimensions and weights are very important. If you are selling a lot of different products in the same range for example pets, put a html link at the bottom of your description directing customers to your entire ebay shop pet range.

If you are selling a large volume of goods then contact ebay and enquire about getting one of there account managers assigned to your account and they are a massive help with all your problems and just a direct phone call away.

Pictures should be clear and use a good camera, white backgrounds and multiple angles of the product works best. Put a company logo on your pictures because a lot of people i have found use your pictures for themselves, not very fair but it happens.

Make sure when packing your items you pack everything very very well as i think most delivery companies are trying out for the england football team. Use a good reputable company and open a business account as huge discounts can be made. Include promotional flyers into parcels you are sending its a good way of getting information onto peoples door steps for free.

And last and most importantly if you get your top rated seller on ebay do not ever loose it as i have found its the most valuable thing on ebay and you have to work very hard to keep it.....having it can save you a lot of money.

Regards Suburban Outfitters.

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