Top ten tips for not getting caught out on eBay.

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So many people get caught out and don't get what exactly they want because they missed the details in the sellers descriptions. here's my top ten for getting exactly what you need 

1. Always check feed back and check that the item you are looking at isn't featured in negative feed backs. Sometimes a seller is good it is the item that isn't up to the hype.

2. Always enlarge any pictures and check the item as large as you can get it.  If you can't see the details of stitching say, be wary. Always ask for more pictures if you are spending a lot of money for say  a car or any thing costing hundreds with a lot of time left on the auction. If the seller is reluctant to send be aware.

3.Always read the whole description scroll down and read carefully.  Its amazing how you can miss details. I have done this my self.

4.  They say the devil is in the details. If a seller uses two word descriptions with one blurry picture  beware. It may be an indication of sloppy habits. Many people are just selling their personal stuff. I am not talking about these sellers. I am talking about people with up to 100 items the same,, that cant be bothered to put some effort into their page.
5.When you are searching use every possible way of looking for that item. eBay has precise search parameters and you may get more items if you search chicken coops, then chicken pens etc..  I was searching for a queens alexandra corps beret and found it under the search QARNC. Don't give up hope lol.
6. Don't for get to check delivery methods as they often catch people out with delivery costing more than the item. 7. Delivery from china is often a long process. I  have had items from asia but they often come in a container ship and can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.  If you are aware of this, not a problem This is one where you check the  negative feed back very carefully, as unfortunately china has a reputation for shoddy goods or no goods at all. I have had some great items but  there is no way to tell other than to buy something small and check the seller that way.

8.  If you are bidding don't get caught up with the excitement of it all . Check the price you want to pay and stick to it. If an item starts at 99p and say is worth 300 be honest with your self your not going to get it for 99p. I put a bid on a wetsuit that was 99p but knew it was worth 600 new so put in a 200 bid and was lucky enough to get it for that. I was happy the seller was happy and its a more realistic way of going about things. Often I see people bidding in pounds and pence  on items worth hundreds, don't waste time and effort and expect the sellers are going to give away their stuff. That said you can always send a message asking what the seller actually wants for the item, you may get an honest answer  and save time and effort.

9.  If you want an item in a hurry always check with the seller first if they can do special delivery. I see an awful lot of negative feedbacks moaning about delivery times. If an item is time sensitive ask first before bidding, a seller should be ok with letting you know.  Dont expect great things from the british postal services. They are often overwhelmed, but also dont let a seller fob you off for shoddy service using the postal service as an excuse. 

10. Lastly eBay has lots of excellent sellers, take your time searching, and checking but never be afraid to report services and sellers that you have a bad experience with. The only way eBay can improve is by users giving their honest feed back in a calm and sensitive way. 

Enjoy your shopping and hope that my experience helps you to have a better time on eBay

Yours with shopping fun in mind Mary

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