Top tips on how to clean and maintain Alcantara

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Colourlock Alcantara & Textile Cleaner
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Colourlock Alcantara & Textile Cleaner


Alcantara is a synthetic, ultra micro fibre material that looks like suede. It is not a natural material like leather and is developed as a substitute to suede. It was originally developed in Japan in early 1970’s and today is used in furniture, clothes and cars (headliners, seating, dash trimming & steering wheels). It is more durable and resistant to stains compared to suede.
 It is important to vacuum Alcantara at regular intervals and occasionally wipe with a damp cloth. Normal dirt and stains can be cleaned using Colourlock Alcantara & Textile Cleaner with a damp cloth.
Pilling : A very common problem with Alcantara
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Pilling : A very common problem with Alcantara
When working on a larger surface area wet the stained surface slightly with Alcantara & Textile Cleaner and immediately wipe gently with a terry cloth. Repeat if necessary. 

 Removing stains: Wet a sponge or a soft brush with some cleaner. Use a foam dispenser bottle for the product. Clean the stained area in a circular motion. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Don`t rub too hard! Do not make it too wet! When stains can’t be removed, ask a professional upholstery cleaner before damaging the material. If you happen to cause a fresh stain ensure you absorb the stain with a clean, absorbent terry cloth first.  Viscose cloths are highly absorbent and perfect to absorb fresh stains. Ensure you do not rub or press down too hard. In case of big stains, it always helps to work from seam to seam in circular motion.

 For greasy and waxy stains, use COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit in addition to the Textile Cleaner. Work carefully. Test in a hidden area first. To reduce future soiling and stains, protect the surface with COLOURLOCK Waterproofing for Leather & Textiles. Heat should be kept away from Alcantara. For example, cigarette burns cause irreparable damages in Alcantara and must be avoided at all costs. It is also important to clean stains as quickly as possible.

Common problem with Alcantara - Alcantara is prone to pilling. Abrasion causes the fibres to develop into small spherical nodules. If the surface is not too damaged, it can be restored with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad.

Recommended Products:

COLOURLOCK Alcantara & Textile Cleaner 250 ml: For normal cleaning. Sufficient for four seats and more. 
COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit 250 ml: To clean oily and greasy dirt and stains. 
COLOURLOCK Waterproofing for Leather and Textiles 500 ml: To make the surface water repellent. 
COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad: In case of pilling.

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