Tortoise husbandry

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Tortoise care is very important and can be difficult to understand. Most pet shops will try to sell you a vivariam. These are not suitable for tortoises unless the species is tropical. You need to use a tortoise table filled with unsterilised top soil, deep enough to dig down. Lots of hides and stones. They also need a cool spot so if it gets to warm under the heat lamp they can escape it. Google images is fabulous for different ideas on tortoise table set ups. 

Instead of a food bowl it is better to have a piece of slate. This will keep the beak from overgrowing. Always have a bowl of water available, deep enough for the tortoise to soak in. I use a plant pot dish, very cheap and perfect size. Warm baths are needed 1/2 times per week.

diet is vital to tortoise health. Pet shops will try to sell you pellets. These can be dangerous and are expensive. The main diet should be weeds. Everyday weeds you can find in your garden or on country walks. A website called the tortoise table will help you identify which weeds and flowers are safe. Every other day you should put a sprinkling of nutrobol supplement on the weeds and flowers
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