Torvil & Dean's Dancing On Ice - The Live Tour 2007

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WOW - what can I say!  We went to the live show at Wembley Arena and that was truly fantastic.  This is the DVD of the show.  It does NOT disappoint!

Lots of faces from the 2 shows so far: Bonnie Langford, Stefan Booth, Lisa Scott-Lee, Kieran Brackan, Duncan James and Clare Buckfield to name a few.  A couple of new faces from the Australian series too.

The first part of the DVD is very much like the show format.  The skating couples all take a turn on the ice, the judges have their say and at the end the votes are counted from the judges and the audience scores.  The winning couple get to perform their interpretation of "BOLERO".  I'll not spoil it by telling you who wins - but they are a VERY worthy team!

The second part of the show is when the professional ice dancers get a chance to showcase their own work.  IT WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!  Daniel "flies" to Angels by Robbie Williams.  This is one of the most beautiful things I have EVER seen on ice, it's worth the price of the DVD alone!  Fred & Melanie do a routine to "The Can-Can" (Moulin Rouge).  It defies gravity and you can't believe the lifts - and tricks!  Believe me - if you think the "head banger" is scary - you ain't seen nothin'!  When Andrei & Susie skate you almost fall in love with them both!  Their routine is so beautiful and romantic - a treat after all the excitement of Melanie & Fred.

Torvill and Dean need no introduction.  They are SUBLIME.  Their routines are polished, sophisticated and perfect, everything you expect from the best ice dance skaters in the world.  Just sit back, and indulge in pure magic!

I hope you find this review helpful - and if you do buy the DVD - ENJOY!

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