Toshiba Libretto 16 bit (70CT down) - data transfer

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Data Transfer to/from a 16-bit Libretto: I read pug2060 2's excellent guide and a solution using a CF reader, and having gone through similar pain with my 70CT thought I would add my experience.  I learnt the hard way with the USB adaptor cards (only good for 32 bit machines), but the card I bought works well with my 32 -bit 100CT .  Here are some additional ways (I have W98se on the Lib 70CT):

  1. FDD - I have one, but rarely use it because of capacity and unreliability
  2. email - I have done this occasionaly  - I have a broadband a/c but use dialup on the Lib  to pick up.  Can be slow and again limited capacity. I use a PCMCIA fax/modem
  3. Create the simplest of network connections via Direct Cable Connection (Microsoft/accessories/communication- needs a port replicator or docking station and a cable to connect to the PC via printer (LPT1) parallel port.  I have used this for accessing/copying folders on my PC
  4. New External CD drives with PCMCIA (16 bit compatible) and no additional power supply are available off ebay, quite cheaply, but I haven't tried one. I use a mains driven read/write drive bought a few years ago, but I haven't seen one since
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