Towel and Robe Washing Advice

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Never use softener for towels as this clogs the pores which then causes the towels to retain odours and reduces the absorbency !.

For other cotton / linen items such as garments, if the water you use is hard simply add a small amount of softening agent especially for darker-coloured articles. Use plenty of water because linen is very water-absorbent. Water temperature should be selected according to the care instructions attached to your linen article. If the temperature exceeds the recommended maximum temperature it may lead to fabric shrinkage.

Never wash darker-coloured pieces together with lighter-coloured articles - if you do, you risk spoiling both.

Do not overload your washing machine, so linen can move freely - if you do, the fabric color may get streaked. When machine washing, put delicate or fringed items in a pillowcase or a net bag to reduce wear and tear.

Whether washing by hand or by machine, linen items have to be thoroughly rinsed in plenty of water to remove all soap, detergent and residual soil and prevent the formation of the so-called age spots due to the oxidation effect.

Do not soak, boil off, rub or wring out embroidered articles.

When washing coloured embroidered articles, add a touch of salt. Also add a touch of vinegar when rinsing coloured linen - that will help prevent colour fading.

Remove stains when still fresh. If allowed to set, stains may be hard, if impossible, to remove at a later date (for more information see our Stain Removal Tips below).

If you take your linens to an outside laundry, don't forget to tell them that your articles are linen-made.
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