Trading with China. Please be patient.

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I know some excellent traders in China. I find them helpful, honest and polite. They also have a great sense of humour. Of course there are sharks in all oceans, but I do think that the Chinese traders are put under a great deal of undue pressure by eBay and especially by customers. If you place an order with a Chinese trader it can take up to a month to arrive, especially at busy times. It is not their fault. Some buyers order something from China, without reading the large print about delivery time, and then they complain when their goods don't arrive within a few days!
I tend to stick with Top Rated sellers in China. There are some fantastic bargains to be had, and the silver is good quality 925 sterling, and well priced.
Personally I have no problems waiting for my goods to arrive. They usually arrive sooner than stated anyway!
Please give these guys a break, and don't order if you don't want to wait.
NB:- I have just looked at other guides, mostly unfavourable about China. Sorry, but they are mostly people buying fancy electronics like smartphones. What do they expect? Some get stolen en- route and yes there are scammer's. But if you want a new smartphone get it in the UK. 
Although the Chinese people are very good at heart, Poverty creates desperation! ! I don't buy electronics from China, I buy gemstones, ammonites, findings, rocks and minerals. Although China has come a long way since pre-communist days (Think foot binding- despotism, extreme poverty, opium addiction, no Human rights at ALL, slavery and so on, there is still poverty and the much publicised 'Human rights abuses' that do occur  bear no relation to the previous type!)
I am not a communist, but unlike others their brand of communism actually worked! I have a beautifully illustrated book called China.The Long march. It is well worth reading! One woman walked many miles with bound feet  just imagine her pain!
This brave Nation had the guts to do something about overpopulation! Something that others didn't! They have even shut up  that buffoon 'Fat boy Three' in North Korea. And they don't treat drug dealers softly either!
We have Human Rights abuses in Europe. Like the EU (ask any Soviet dissident!) It is almost as if Hitler won the Second World War. We have a form of soft totalitarianism at present, but it could get much worse! Especially when the fanatical lunatics that they take such ridiculous pains to appease, take over! Just like Hitler and the Mufti planned to do. Anyone heard of the Frankfurt School?
They initiated plans to destroy society from within, with the destruction of the family,feminism (in it's extreme form), the de-programming of maleness. The rewarding of criminality and the de-construction of democracy, the Anthropogenic Global warming scam, drugs, stupidity, caused by poor education and inane TV programmes, moral decay and degeneracy generally. Anti-Semitism, division of minorities to encourage racism!They are still busy with their nasty plans in the EU 'Parliament' the BBC and elsewhere. Their subversive methods are legion! I could give many more examples.
Fortunately I think the EU will collapse and hopefully then we can all just all be friends and trading partners without being 'told' what we can and cannot do. I am not speaking from some political platform, just common sense and education.I will not be voting for anyone, because they are all the same!
When I was studying Sciences for A level most of my classmates were from China. They were good friends, hard workers and respected their parents!
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