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Keeping warm winter camping

Great idea for winter trecking camping or alpine camping. To save on weight. Instead of having a bigger winter bag have a 3 season seaping bag smaller lighter to carry as well and instead taking a hot water bottle use your drinking water bottle as a hot water bottlle first tho make sure bottle can handle boiling water. You can put a soak over the bottle to stop it burning you when inside your sleaping bag also if the soak is wet it will dry the soak very quick. Then you can place another soak on it if you wish. Not only will this give you dry soaks and a warm sleaping bag but will also make the water inside the bottle safe to drink so long as you boil for 3 mins.

Saving on water

When boiling pasta. Once boiled for 10 mins dont tip the water on the floor tip water into a cup add a tea bad or some coffee and sugar if you wish. Also doing this will save you on fuel and time not just the water.

Food i take

Pasta, Rice, Tabasco sauce, Pasta and curry sauce i put in a plastic jar save lots on weight. Engey bars, Vitamine tablets, Cods liver oil tablets.


Clothes can also be used in winter to keep you extra warm in your sleaping back aslo can doubble as pillows and towels to dry off with.

I have over 10 years of travel backpacking Trecking Tramping Climbing Mountains. These are my own tips from trecking arond the world.

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