Travelling with liquids

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good moisturiser for our skin is essential for daily use. There are day and night creams available.  The vast majority of us love looking and feeling fabulous. I remember several occasions when I completely forgot about the airport rules and ended having my entire essentials bag being taken away by airport security! The really annoying bit is not being able to carry our favourite moisturisers in our carry on luggage when travelling on an aeroplane. If you're travelling over night or on a long haul flight-its a definite essential to carry on a few products that will help freshen you up when you awaken. This can be easily solved by purchasing little empty travel bottles off eBay and filling them with the product or by purchasing smaller sizes of the products off Ebay-for example by purchasing samples of the product. I think it's a brilliant way of carrying your favourite skincare products on your person by using the empty travel bottles method. 
This doesn't apply to skincare products only but to a large variety of products that you cannot carry onto the plane with your carry on luggage. T his opportunity was made possible by BzzAgent of which I am a very happy agent with the possibility of completing and enjoying many campaigns! 

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