Treeless sadles

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Just a quick note about my recent buy a treeless saddle . I bought after a lot of thought one of these saddles to try out on my dales mare who is flat backed with no wither a real roley poley !!! I confess i bought a cheap one even though the two other reviews i read said dont  touch them , i found the saddle well made and very comfy to ride in the underneath of the saddle is like a padded numnah the stirrup eyes were normal so no need for anything special just ordinary leathers the girth a dressage style is perfect and you can buy numnahs designed for the treeless saddle if you wanted . The best thing i think to mention is that you can wash the wool pad in the washing machine and the rest of the seat is pulled off its velcro very easy to clean and put back together . I would like to say dont be put off because some will only use branded saddles if your on a budget its worth a try i think native ponys and cobs would suit this type of saddle , ime not sure i would try one on something high withered !!! I felt quite secure when i was on the saddle and it made you sit very deep i will say they make you sit wider than a conventional saddle and you could sit to a trot for miles . My dales mare went very well in this saddle and moved smoothly and freely so i cant knock the budget end of these saddles i think they are great especially if you have more than one horse , i would have bought one yonks ago if i had discovered them sooner  

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