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UPDATED: June 2013. What can I say other that I no longer have a beard! Still some much much thinner hairs here and there, but I can use a discolouring cream and that's it. I don't have to shave like a man and constantly worry about thick black hairs on my face. I cannot feel anything hard when I stroke my cheeks, chin and neck, and neither can my husband!
No way I would recommend the Tria for large areas, because its head is too small and it would take you ages. I tried it for my bikini and gave up after a couple sessions, because to do it properly the machine needs recharging while you're at it, so by the time you can finish it has taken all your day.  BUT for the face, which was my main issue, it is perfect!
It simply changed my life and gave me a lot more confidence. Still cannot say anything about the results being "permanent" as it promises, because I've been using it for quite a long time (forget about the promised number of sessions) with retouch sessions every 3-4 months, so very easy and comfortable, I get it done in half an hour when I need it and when it's convenient for me, so it's not intrusive at all and gives much better and long lasting results than anything I have tried before.
So, a big YES from me, at least for the treatment of thick black hairs on the face due to hormonal disbalance, do not buy it for large areas.
Hope this helps!

Hi all... as many women, I suffer PCOS, which means I have A LOT of unwanted hair.

I have bought and am trying the new 5 settings Tria Laser (at home, at last!) for small areas such as face, bikini and underarms.

It's very expensive, so if you are thinking about getting one and wondering whether it works or not, you can check my sessions on my blog, http://  (pls delete the space, they don't allow external links here so I had to break the link)

It's in Spanish (English version will be listed as soon as I have the time during this summer), but you can see the photos and it's easy to see the percentages, the numbers and results.

I'm in my 4th session and I can see a difference, but it's still too early for me to recommend this product. In a few months I'll be able to give you a verdict, but in the meanwhile you can see the progress.

Welcome to my blog!

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