Tried & Tested Free Business E-commerce Software Part 1

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Fellow Ebayers. This is a Free for all List of Softwares.

I am currently using some of them and most have been tried out personally. Please do give me a vote if you find them useful as one way or another some of these tools have helped me grow my business over the last 8 months.

Links are not allowed to other sites so please Google the titles and I’m sure you will find the correct links.

This Guide is Part 1 of  2.

Shopping Carts/E-commerce osCommerce

A free open source e-commerce platform robust enough to build your entire online storefront. The catch: you'll need some programming skills to get it up and running.

PayPal Shopping Cart/Merchant Account

The payment processing company offers a free shopping cart bundled with a free credit cart account. (Of course, if a shopper makes a purchase on your site, you'll be charged a percentage of the total and a transaction fee.)

Mal's E-commerce

Mal's free shopping cart is popular and easy to use, and has likely prompted many users to upgrade to Mal's $8 a month premium service. You'll need to supply your own credit cart merchant account with the cart.


Vstore (for "virtual store") provides everything for a budding merchant: the products, the merchant account, the Web site. It's all free, but it's all completely controlled by Vstore. Merchants earn a modest commission on sales.

AdSense Buddy

A statistics package to help users of Google's popular pay-per-click service manage their campaigns. Monitor your campaign without needing to login to Google.

ViArt Shop

A shopping cart and content management system (CMS), along with an integrated help desk. This free version has database restrictions.

Sequoia Open Source ERP 0.8

This is a Java application, compatible with major operating systems. It's designed to manage an integrated e-commerce, inventory and supply chain infrastructure.

AFCommerce Shopping Cart 2

An open-source store building program. Along with the free storefront software, the company offers its development services, which is presumably how they make money.

On-Site Search


The company's free on-site search tool has limitations — it indexes no more than 250 pages, and only auto-indexes once a month — but the price is right.

Google On-Site Search

Plenty of small sites use Google's free on-site search tool. But it doesn't offer much control for site owners, and it doesn't allow you to see which words users are searching for.


If you're willing to include ads along with your on-site search results, the PicoSearch tool is free.


Google Toolbar

The search giant's popular toolbar offers at least one piece of business intelligence to users: it allows site owners to find out the relative page rank of competitive sites. Which sites in your category are the top dogs?

Alexa Toolbar

Similar to the Google Toolbar but arguably better for business use. It offers more specific ranking of sites, and it shows some of the sites that link to a given site.

Counters/Web Analytics

OneStat Hit Counter

More than a simple hit counter, the free OneStat counter provides information about visitors and will track unlimited Web pages.


A free counter that allows you to analyze how visitors use your site.


TraceAssure 1.6

This security software prevents fraudulent sites from obtaining your personal data as your enter it in financial and retail sites.

Steganos LockNote

Secure your business documents on your hard drive using LockNote. To access them, double click and enter your password. No password, no access.

Zone Alarm

This firewall monitors dataflow over your Internet connection to guard against hackers. Personal use is free. For businesses the software costs $19.95.

HTML Editors


This free HTML editor claims to be feature rich and enables users at all levels of expertise to build their site.


Pronounced "N-view," for "new view," this Web authoring tool allows you to build your site without knowledge of HTML.


By James Maguire

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