Trifari makers marks from 1920 current day

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1920 –Jewels by TRIFARI with thecrown over T in Trifari - used as a label
1932 - Gainsborough - the printed version was used to ID collections
1935 - KTF – used on metal"
1935 - KTF. With a taller T than other letters – used on metal
1936 - CLIP-MATES – used as a label
1937 - TRIFARI with out the crown above T - used on metal
1939 - TRIFARI with crown above the T - used on metal
1950 - Orientique by TRIFARI - used as label to identify collection
1953 - Ear-Mates in script - used as label
1954 - T with open detailed crown on top - metal hang tag
1954 - KTF with crown over T - used on KTF Industrial Products
1957 - TIE-UPS - used as label
1957 - Tie-Ups by TRIFARI in script and crown over T in Trifari - used as label
1958 - Triege by TRIFARI in script with crown over T in Trifari - label used to ID collection
Current - TRIFARI TM - used on metal

The Crown above the T has been changed frequently  over the years both on hang tags and labels. The first metal hang tags on items were intricate open cut and had fine detail work. The paper label T hang tags were often close to the original but varied from a tall and slender T to a shorter and broader version with different style of the crown.

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