Trouble trying to sell your timeshare due to HIGH costs

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Are you having difficulty trying to get rid of your timeshare due to possible MIS-SELLING.

Remember lots of people with endowments and insurances had similar problems. We tried

to sell ours in the Algarve 3 or 4 times to various people and also tried to be 'talked' into

changing the timeshare for points. Could not understand why they were so keen to 'give'

you loads more points if you sign up and pass over lots more money. Well........

If you sit and think about it, to the companies point of view they 'release' a 'bond' to the

apartment (from you) and they can then possibly re-sell it....... interesting.....

Anyway we hopefully have got shot of ours, the maintenance was getting so high and if you added the

exchange fees with someone like RCI you could search the internet or teletext and get some good deals.

 We went to Egypt last year, 5 star, all inclusive AND saved ourselves about 50 quid in the process.

The BIG worry to us was the 'IN PERPETUITY' clause which at the time of purchase sounded good,

we thought, that is good the kids can use it when we are done. NO the kids AND their kids AND their kids

will have it FOR EVER because this is what perpetuity means in the dictionary. Think of your petrol, gas electricity

costs and how they have GROWN over the last few years. Now look at your maintenance OR your points which relate

to actually NOTHING, just points. The maintenance costs could SKY ROCKET over a couple of generations AND you

still can NOT get rid of it. This might not be pyramid selling but blimey it aint half good if you are the business man at the top.

LOADS OF MONEY......... There is this 'bunch' of people near the Maidenhead bridge over the Thames that could be very

interesting to talk to.

Just mention LONG POCKETS and SHORT ARMS........good luck 

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