Troubleshooting for MP3 / MP4 Player

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How do I turn a CD album into an mp3?

To turn a CD track into an mp3 file, you will need to use some third party software.  You may use a certain application, i.e. Microsoft Windows Media Player.  When converting the music, it may add / remove Copyright protection (Digital Right Management) before transfer to the player.  (We do not brook breach of copyright in any way although if you have purchased the CD album (or online web copy), you are entitled to make a copy for your own listening.

Can I play DRM-protected WMA files on my player?
WMA files with Digital Rights Management (DRM) code cannot be transferred into your player using a drag-and-drop operation.  Transfer these files using application like Windows Media Player.

How do I move my mp3/mp4 files onto my player?
Drag-and-drop operation (for music files without DRM)
Open a browser window for both your mp3 folder and your mp3 player, drag and drop the files between two browser windows
Right click the file you want to move, select “copy” from the list, then right click in your mp3 player’s folder and select “paste”.  This will copy your file from your hard drive to your mp3 player.
Once an mp3 file is on your computer it can be moved and copied in exactly the same way as any other type of file.
Copy onto the player with software application, i.e Windows Media Player.  Using “SYNC” to synchronize content to your portable device.

My player shows “no files” when I unplug it from my PC, why is this?
It is more than likely that files are not of a compatible type (i.e. mp3, WMA etc) or those files are stored in second or third level folders (sub-folders of a folder).  Please refer to the “How do I turn a CD album into an mp3” section to convert those incompatible formats into mp3 file extension (.mp3s), and ensure those mp3 files are stored in either the root level or the first level of folders

The sound quality is terrible, is the player broken?
It would be very unusual for an mp3/mp4 player to malfunction in this way.  It is much more likely a problem with the music file itself.  Try playing it on another device or computer to check if this is the case.  Another problem could be the headphones, try another pair to check.

It plays first few seconds and skip to the next song, why is this?
It is more than likely that the “introduction” mode is selected. Switch back to “normal” mode will play the song entirely.

I cannot get the player to be recognized by my computer, why is this?
Even if your computer is brand new, it does not necessarily have all the required updates for windows to recognize and operate some USB devices.  Make sure you visit the windows update site to bring your computer up to date with all the latest drivers.  These days, for Windows XP, Service Pack 2 (SP2) is essential for correctly operating a device like mp3/mp4 player.
Will I be able to store other files on the player, like word documents and photos?
Yes!  Your player can use as an U-disk.  Any type of file can be stored, moved and copied in exactly the same way you would on your hard drive or a CDR.

It shows “Disk Error” when playing music, why is this?
It is more than likely that some corrupted files are stored in the player or if the USB connection is disrupted while data is still being transferred.  Please refer to the “My player is faulty, where do I send it back” section to format the player.

The battery lasts shorter than expected, why is this?
Some operations consume more battery power:
- LCD screen always turns on while playing mp3.  A blackout screen conserves battery power
- frequent use of fast forward/reverse
- frequent use of passive speakers or high-powered headphones
- playback of .WMA files

My player is faulty, where do I send it back?
In most cases, you will not need to return your player as a lot of problems can be resolved by simply formatting or re-setting the device.
Please format the device by following the below instructions (please ensure your device is connected to your computer's USB port)
Launch Windows Explorer on your computer.  Your player is recognized as a Removable Disk.
Right-click the Removable Disk icon and click the Format option.  The Format E:\ dialog box appears (replace E:\ with the drive letter of your device)
Select FAT32 as File System
Select Start Formatting
After the formatting is complete, make sure you disconnect the player from your computer before removing it.
If your player is not recognized by your computer, please could you test the device in a different computer or with another USB data cable to see if the problem persists.
Please try this before contacting us.  We will not accept any faulty returns unless accompanied by the RMA (returns) number and form issued by our customer service representatives.

If your problem is not listed above, or the above hints are not sufficient to solve your problem, you are welcome to report it to us through email. (the email address shown in the payment notification emails)
We will be glad to assist you to resolve any issues related to our products.

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