Try And Avoid Xbox 360 Scam, Don’t Become a Victim

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Some people may or may not know that there are several scammers in many different fields trying peddle their wares on eBay. One of them is the Xbox 360 eBay scam that’s caught so many people out it’s not funny.

The scam is a simple one and can be easily misinterpreted by the best of us. On eBay you’ll find a few of the Xbox 360 eBay Scam auctions that simply sell a picture of the item, a link or an email address with bids amounting up to $500. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of disappointed users out there with unwanted pictures of the Xbox 360. So be careful.

Being honest with you, the item listings are quite clear and if you don’t take the time to fully read through the title and description, then chances are you’ll gall prey to this horrible scam.

Below are tips to avoid becoming a victim of the Xbox 360 eBay Scam:

· Make sure you read all details carefully in the item description

· Check, double check and triple check the title of the auction

· Check the seller's feedbacks and if it is a private one then for sure it is an Xbox 360 EBay Scam

· Confirm just how many Xbox 360’s there are for sale (a legitimate auctioneer only usually sells one item of the Xbox unless they’re registered as a business seller)

Why Is This Scam So Popular

These scammers aren’t silly. If you take a look at eBay pulse, lots of people want to own one and will do anything to get their hands on one, especially at bargain prices.

If the seller is offering far too much in the title this will red flag this as a scam in most cases. Obviously, if the seller offers to send you an email for further instructions on how to make the transaction, I’d stay well clear.

Most of the time the email will be give instructions on where you need to send the payment, your address and other personal information. Legit eBay sellers do not transact in this sort of way.

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