Turbo Scam !

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Well i've been scammed !

I bought an Escort turbo unit on here about 4 months back intending to turbo my VW Beetle, aircooled of course. This is the unit to use with the integral wastegate next to the exhaust exit so they both enter into the exhaust elbow.

So it seemed a good deal at first, cleaned up a bit, actuator OK, wastegate OK, spins OK, bolts loosened, gasket missing, GASKET MISSING !!!

How could I have been so blind?

Easy in fact as when I bought it I just looked it over, covered it in WD40 and put it on the shelf until I was ready for it. So when I unwrapped it the other week and started to tear it down with a vegengance to rebuild (£150 kit!) I saw that the area around the wastegate was cracked in two places, big sign of abuse and overheating. The gasket was missing from the elbow to the body but I missed it completely.

So back to ebay and the guy is no longer a registered user.

So thats me in the hole for £65 on the turbo and £150 for the rebuild kit that I cant use. Needless to say I will be getting another and starting again but this time I will unpack it and tear it apart there and then before leaving feedback!

Hope this helps you to avoid my mistake as by the time I am done I will have paid more than it would have cost me from a turbo pro rebuilder.

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