Twenty Tips for First Time Sellers on

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As with anything new, selling your first item on eBay can at first seem daunting or tricky. It is actually quite easy as long you take your time and use your first sale as a learning experience. As you become more familiar with the selling process you'll find that you become more proficient and swift. But for your first listing my tips below, which first appeared in The Sun, will hopefully be of use to you.

Start by Buying

The best way to learn how eBay works is to buy a few items before you start out as a seller. This way you’ll already have some Feedback too which will help you attract buyers. It's best not to start selling until you have some feedback, a zero score doesn't inspire confidence.

Take Your Time

As with anything new, selling on eBay can take a bit of getting used to so take your time and learn the ropes.

Everyone has Something to Sell

It’s not just about the weird and wacky. Most of the things bought on eBay are everyday things like CDs, clothes, household items that you probably have gathering dust around your house. New, unused goods do particularly well.

Make it Easy on Yourself

Make your first sale with something easy to list and post. Leave Aunt Maud’s grandfather clock until you have mastered the basics.

Open a PayPal Account

More than two-thirds of sales on eBay are paid for using PayPal. Sign up for a free account before you start selling because it will save you time after the sale.

Be Safe

Get tooled up with all the latest online safety info at the Safety Centre.

Think Like a Buyer

Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and think about what would make them buy your wares. Think back to your buying experiences and remember what helped you buy an item.

The Title is Vital

The first thing that buyers see is the Item Title. You only have 55 characters to get their attention so make them count. Include relevant brand names, details on condition and size. If it’s new, say so.

Be Honest

Include the good, the bad and the ugly when you describe the items you are selling. If you don’t, you’ll have an angry buyer on your hands.

Seeing is Believing

A crisp and clear picture clinches sales. Even a camera phone can do the trick.

Pick a Category

Putting your item in the right category will help buyers find it. There are more14000 categories on so take a few minutes to choose the best one.

Keep it Personal

Don’t come across as too stuffy or corporate in your description. If you have a funny story about the item you are selling, tell it.

Be on Hand to Help

Sometimes a potential buyer will have a question for you so make sure you check your email every day when you have an item for sale.

Enjoy It

Watching the bids roll in is great fun so make sure you enjoy the sale. Most bids are placed in the closing minutes of an auction, so log on to last-minute bidding action.

Keep on Talking

Keep your buyers in the loop if there is a problem or delay.

Be Swift and Friendly

Once you’ve been paid don’t drag your heels. Send the item out as soon as you can.

Packing is an Art

Your parcels don’t need to be beautiful they just need to protect the item. No buyer will complain if you recycle packaging if it keeps postage costs low.

Say Thank You!

Include a note with your parcel thanking the buyer for their business.

Leave Feedback

Your Feedback profile is your reputation on eBay and helps people trust each other. By leaving Feedback you can expect it to be left in return.

Make a Mint!

With your first sale under your belt, you can repeat your selling success again and again!

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