Ty Beanie Boo Collection

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Beanie boo collection (most of which bought from eBay)
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Beanie boo collection (most of which bought from eBay)

When choosing/buying a beanie boo from eBay I would recommend buying from a buy it now seller. I say this because they will be new, there takes will still be in tact and the colour will still be original. Other good things to look for are 1. That the seller is selling other beanie boos 2. That they have a good feedback I would also recommend emailing the seller if you have any queries. 

If you are a true beanie boo collector you will know that some are rare, retired or just plain hard to find. To fight this problem I would suggest typing just beanie boo and then the type of animal as I have noticed not all sellers know of the names.

As a very keen collector myself, I am often asked 'how on Earth do I clean them?!' My answer to that would be 1. Always make sure the surface they are kept on is clean and free of any sticky, wet substances or debris 2. If something does happen to mark ones of your beanie boos, take a wet wipe and dab NOT RUB!! The area that is affected after dabbing the mark the stain should slowly surface and then to dry the beanie boo you should leave them in a warm room, do not put in the radiator or use anything like a hairdryer to dry them! The wool/material will change its shape and colour
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