Tyre tread for car tyres and why you should be careful

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This is a guide to help people looking to buy car tyres or wanting to know the law on tyre tread and how low it can be before you legally need new tyres.

This information is correct as of January 2012

It is important to know the law for tyres, especially car tyre tread as the penalty for illegal tyres is as follows
-3 Points on your license per illegal tyre
-Up to £2,500 fine per illegal tyre

The lowest your tyre tread is legally allowed to be is 1.6mm of tread left. This is usually measured across 4 points on the tyre from inner wall to outer side wall.
To help you with this measurement there are tyre tread indicator tools available but if you use a 20p coin and measure the tread against the side of the coin you will see that the coin has a thicker part around the edge of the coin, if you can see this part of the coin when you put the coin into the tread grooves then you probably are too low on tread and need new tyres.
If your tyres are over 5 years old and/or have cracks or nails too close to the sidewall of the tyre you are likely to need new tyres also.
Test have shown that when you have 3mm of tread left it still lowers the quality and distance of your braking.

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