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Unboxed Perfume - is it really a bargain??

Be very careful - perfume is very delicate and needs to be kept in a dark environment (this is usually provided by the packaging).  If a  perfume has been left out of its box and is not in a very dark environment it can go 'off'.  In other words it wont smell like it should do!  Unboxed perfume is very common on ebay - ive bought some myself and it was described as a tester bottle.  The bottle that i purchased did not smell like it should have - it wasnt completely off, but it wasnt the lovely fresh fragrance that is should have been.  I have also purchased some lovely perfume which was a limited edition perfume from 2002 and there was nothing wrong with it at all as it was boxed and sealed - obviously carefully looked after.

Not all unboxed perfume will have gone off but if anyone is advertise perfume out of the box then you need to ask them where has it been kept?  If it has been kept on a window sill do not even consider it - direct sunlight will definately cause it to be off.  If it has been kept in a shut drawer all the time then maybe its worth a risk.

My advice is do not touch it - and if you do, make sure you know what it should smell like when it gets to you - if its off then get your money back (unless of course you did not ask the condition of it before hand).  Of course if you are only buying cheap perfume then its not worth worrying about but i think the majority of us are buying expensive fragrances and need to be careful.  There are far too many rip offs out there - remember even if it is a rare perfume it just isnt worth paying a high price for - some sellers are selling limited edition perfumes which are discontinued for about 50-80 pounds -make sure you know what you will be getting and that it is going to be in the best condition when you receive it.

I hope you found this guide useful - now go and buy your special perfume

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