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The choice for Psychic Readings on Ebay is vast and can be confusing! There are for example Tarot, Phone Readings, Voodoo, Angels, Crystal Ball and even Tea Leaf readers to choose from!  This guide will help you to choose what reader is right for you. This guide will also tell you many insights into how Ebay works. Choosing a reader is not straightforward! Read more and please rate thanks! To make life easier in this guide I refer to this eclectic group as 'Psychic Readers' or 'Readers' when referring to this group generally.

What do you want answered?

So, you have done your key word or category search and have pages of listings of readers. Before you open a single listing now is the time to look at:

  • Their item description
  • Do they have a Power Seller logo?
  • The price
  • Feedback

What is the title telling you? What kind of reader are they?

If you have a love question for example and want a factual kind of response and a straight answer, a reading that is described as 'uplifting' may not be for you. However if you are feeling low and really want an encouraging boost then this would be the way to go. Some readers only offer supportive readings with very little by way of prediction. Readers styles vary.

If the reader says in their item description that they 'dont sugar coat.' Be prepared that they may actually be quite straight talking in their reading to you! Would this hurt your feelings? Do you want an honest but directional and supportive reading? Try to get a sense of the readers style from their item description and if this would suit you.  

Understand what it is you are buying. An Angel reader is not the same as one who is reading Tarot and the styles can be quite different. Before you even open a listing, get a sense from the title if this seller and this reading is for you.

There are many types of readers on Ebay and not all get their energy source from the positive or from the light. Be aware of this and what energy channels you are opening into your life and what energies you are allowing to be connected to you. Try to get a sense of this from their item description and make your decision with an open mind.

You may have multiple questions on different topics so a 'One question reading' title wont suit. You may want the reading fast, so look for this in the title.

Email or Live Reading - What is better and is there a difference with quality?

Some readers offer both Email and Live readings and some only offer one or the other..Why?

Well, some readers wont have the facility to offer Live readings for example their phone line cant be used for that purpose or their internet connection isnt fast enough. Also perhaps  the readers schedule is better suited to them Email reading. It may also be just a preference and what they are used to!

The truth is often that Email and Live readings each have their own skills for a reader to master and not all readers can do both.With an Email reading the reader is largely reading 'blind' without any input from the client. With an Email reading there is no facility for the reader to discuss the cards or to get any verbal cues as to the state of mind of the client.

Many readers find Email readings too difficult to do. They may be uncomfortable saying something that may hurt the clients feelings without being able to discuss it. They may also not have the writing skills to be able to express themselves effectively in this format and so choose only to do live reading. Email readings are more difficult because a less confident reader 



Power Sellers and 100% positive feedback - How important is that as a consideration?

Psychic Readers who are Power Sellers and have the Top Rated Seller logo achieved this through receiving consistently high ratings from their buyers and have sold enough. They are business sellers, registered on Ebay as a business. Private sellers can not be Power Sellers. The Power Seller logo can not be purchased in any way. It is awarded to the seller by Ebay and the seller has to maintain their standards to keep their Top Rated Seller status on a monthly review basis.

So, that explains the Power Seller status and Power Seller logo a little bit. Now to answer the question; not that important is the answer!

Why so? Because a Psychic reader may choose to not be a business seller. They may be just as good as a business seller but will not be entitled to be awarded the Top Rated Seller logo, thats why. However, if a buyer is in doubt or in two minds I would encourage the buyer to go for the Top Rated Seller as their standards are confirmed by Ebay buyers.

100% positive feedback isnt that important either! To understand why, consider a moment the type of service that a Psychic Reader is providing and to whom they are providing it. A Psychic reader is typically giving insight or direction to people who are often in a state of distress and at a juncture of their lives where they are seeking guidance. An unfortunate common scenario is where the buyer does not want to hear the truth of the situation. They just want to be told what they believe to be true. Sometimes it is a buyer like this that will retaliate by leaving negative or neutral feedback to the Psychic Reader. The Psychic Reader may have been accurate and the buyer may realise the truth the following week, but the reader will have less than 100% positive feedback for a whole year on Ebay! That is why if a reader has less than 100% positive it is not that important.

Price - some reasons for the variation (see tip on how to save money!)

There are three main types of reader on Ebay:

  • The Professional
  • The Hobbyist
  • The Cut and Paster

Take a look at how long the reader has been on Ebay, when did they start the account selling these readings? Could it be that the price is low as they are building up a client base? Or is it possible that the price is low because the reading is quite short? Consider then, as the last option, if this low price reading could be a computer program cut and paste you are being sold.

If the Psychic Reader is charging you more than many of the other readers, why so? Are they are a Top Rated Seller which would tell you that at least 98% of their clients gave them solid 5 star rating across the board? Do they promise a detailed reading for the price?

In either case, low priced readings or not, read the item description to get a sense of what they are promising for your money and why. By the way, the hobbyist could be just as good as the professional, you may even get more for your money!

Something I will say, as a full time professional reader myself and someone who has been both a Top Rated business seller on Ebay and a page one listed private seller on Ebay; sometimes the professional has both the ability and the skill whereas a hobbyist may have ability but still be perfecting the skill.

What I find often unfortunatly is that many hobbyist readers dont have the level of experience to understand the complexity of the messages they are receiving. The messages are coming but the translation is often too literal and the subtleties are missed. I often find clients coming to me having been told this or that will happen and I often can see why they were told that but the subtleties were missed by the less experienced reader and so the client was mislead somewhat with the message given.

Dont dismiss the hobbyist reader is what I am saying, they could indeed be very good but do understand where the differences will lie if they exist at all between them and a full time professional reader.

You can get some sense of how experienced the reader is by how many people left them feedback on Ebay. Also, in their item description or in the title they may tell you how long they have been doing this. Maybe they are new to Ebay but have been  reading for years? Maybe their low price is due to them building up a client base on Ebay and they are getting used to Ebay?

Dont dismiss the low priced readings is what I am saying but bear in mind you are unlikely to be getting a full detailed reading from a skilled professional. The low priced reading is more likely to be a shorter reading from a professional, a hobbyist who feels you are getting what you pay for, a reader new to Ebay and building up a client base or lastly, they arent Psychic at all and are cut and pasters from computer programs.

By purchasing from a Top Rated Seller with a Power Seller badge you are less likely to be purchasing from a less experienced hobbyist or from a cut and paster, but not necessarily! There are many Power Seller cut and pasters out there so beware, use your own instincts and make note of the feedback. Make up your own mind.

Here is a tip how to save on the price you pay: Ebay doesnt allow duplicate listings, which means that a seller cant list multiples of  the same item title with the same price. So, what readers will do is to change the title and the price a little and so be able to list multiple listings without breaking Ebay duplicate listing rules. What you can do is if you are interested in purchasing from this reader is to click on 'see other items for sale' look to the top right hand side of the screen for this. By clicking on this you can now see all the items and types of readings this reader has for sale. You may find the same reading you were interested in but just with a slightly different title and a lower price, even if it is slightly lower, you are still saving right?

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