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When ebayers sell kiloware,there are signs to watch out for when buying kiloware.

Firstly if the kiloware is posted to you using unfranked stamps,you can tell this as the stamps will peel straight of the package then the kiloware may not be UNSORTED , many sellers take out the unfranked and then sell as unsorted so watch out.Also check  if they are selling the unfranked in separate lots on ebay .

.Kiloware which does not have any unfranked does not mean it is unsorted as when collectors donate to charity they may take out any unfranked stamps and use it them selves.Do not assume kiloware is sorted if there is no unfranked as the older kiloware gets the less likely are unfranked stamps imside

Most kiloware is pre sorted by the charity so they get more money,they will take out the higher values and normally the higher value unfranked values  and most of the non xmas comms as they get a better price.The rest is sold as unsorted kiloware

.The  kiloware to buy is totally unsorted kiloware which only approx 10% is ever listed on ebay . If they claim that kiloware is from the attic it is normally the rubbish that they sorted many years ago and now want to sell to you.

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