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Virtually every person will fly at some time in their life, some fly frequently either on business or visiting families and loved ones over seas, while others fly once a year for the annual vacation abroad seeking warmer climates.

Whenever and for whatever reason you fly, there are ways of making improvements to your experience which few people are aware of.Weather it be an upgrade to1st class, a discounted ticket (or even free), or even compensation for a poor standard of flight and/or service.

The secret of achieving these is knowing what to say, when to say it , and who to say it to.

I will outline briefly one approach on how to get a free upgrade to 1st class, but there are many more. Details of these and many more money saving airtravel tips revealed by an ex-airline employee can  be found by visiting my store here.

One of the most obvious (and most overlooked) things you should do to have any chance of upgrading to 1st class is to dress the part.Remember you will be mixing with business flyers and those with money so you wont have a chance if you dont look the part.You will only get an upgrade if the airline person you are asking thinks you will blend well with the other 1st class passengers and not look out of place.Also be polite and well spoken, as this goes a long way with flight attendants and stewardesses.

Another route is to complain when actually seated on the plane. It could be something trivial such as being seated too near the toilets or even about the person sitting next to you, maybe they smell, or are too loud.Something which seems quite trivial to you or I could be a major annoyance to others, and the flight attendants just want a quiet, easy flight.Providing there are no other seats on your level of fare (and you look the part as mentioned earlier) then you have a high chance of being upgraded to 1st class at no cost to yourself as the flight attendants are instructed to ensure customers are 100% satisfied so that there is a high chance you will fly with the same airline again.


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