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Surfing the internet can be lottsa fun, but it can also be one of the most dangerous things you can do as well! If you are not careful, you can get phised and fooled, lose your ID, email and even entire bank account! What can you do to become more aware of such scams and hoaxes?
Well, I've compiled a small list of the most popular sites you should visit if you are suspicious about certain types of emails you get. Below is a list of sites which give you some great information of what to be aware of. Take a peek and if you found this guide to be the least bit informative, please do me a favor and vote on a few of my guides. The crooks who are on the net will regret it, and you will be helping millions of viewers in cyberspace become more aware of what to be careful! Thanks and God Bless you!

Some of the articles you will find on these sites are:



All About Identity Theft: Latest Tricks and Techniques Keep Identity Theft at Top of Scam Charts
What you need to know about identity theft -- stolen wallets, papers and new phishing tricks underlie the rocketing growth of identity theft: Internet Scambusters

Parking Lot Scam Alert! Crooks on Patrol for Victims
 Twitter Scam Incidents Growing: The 5 Most Common Types of Twitter Scams -- and 10 Ways to Avoid Them
How to protect yourself as Twitter scam cons rise alongside the popularity of microblogging

High Five! Top Tips to Help Others Avoid Scams
How to Spot and Avoid a Scareware or ID Theft Protection Scam
Bogus virus alerts and phony ID theft prevention are all part of the money-making protection scam racket that's netting crooks a fortune

10 Celebrity Scam Tricks That Lurk Behind the Names of the Rich and Famous
The Celebrity Scam: 10 tricks that aim to fool you by using the names of showbiz and sporting stars

5 College Scam Tricks That Will Hurt Your Wallet, Your Education or Your Reputation
Caution and research can beat college scam ID theft, financial, accommodation and job scams

Cash for Clunkers Scams Flourish Amid Confusion
Urban Legends and Hoaxes Straight from the News Headlines
Tutor Scam Alert for Work-Seekers

Horses, Dogs, Birds Targeted in 5 New Animal Scams
The Truth About the Saliva Test and the Discount Medical Card
IRS Lists New "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams
Wondering About a Car Scam? 10 More Tricks and Tips You Need to Know

Get Tough With Computer Passwords and Secret Questions
eBay Scams -- 23 Stay-Safe Tips To Keep You Out of Trouble
The do's and don'ts of online auction trading, plus a list of other eBay scams to beware of

Kids' Scams: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between
Three ways kids can get caught up in scams, and how to spot them

7 Deadly Sins: Investment Scams Promise Shortcut to Economic Recovery
The Truth About Government Grant Scams
Government grant scams, Medicare fraud, and the blog contest scam: Internet Scambusters #319

10 Top Tips To Beat the Scammers -- Part 2
Stopping Phone Spam on Your Cell Phone
4 tips for stopping cell phone spam, lotteries and working at home: Internet ScamBusters #316

Cell phone scams
The Top 10 Internet Scams of 2008 and 2009
Identity Theft: Is Your Lender Complying With the New Red Flag Rules?
What your bank or other credit organizations should be doing to implement tough new measures -- known as "red flag rules" -- against identity theft: Internet ScamBusters™ #313

Antiques Scams 2: The 10 Key Questions to Help Cut Your Risk
Asking a few simple questions can dramatically reduce your chances of being caught in antiques scams: Internet Scambusters™ #312

The 7 Key Types of Holiday Scams to Watch Out For This Christmas Season
Holiday scams on the Internet, at the mall, at the register and even at your front door: Internet Scambusters™ #311

3 New Nigerian Scams Uncovered -- Plus a Personal Family Identity Theft Scare
Clever new Nigerian scams and a scary, personal story about family identity theft: Internet ScamBusters™ #309

3 Creepy Halloween Urban Legends
The truth about three Halloween urban legends: Internet ScamBusters™ #307

The 5 Most Common Social Networking Scams
Hack attacks, ID theft and malicious software target growing membership of online communities: Internet Scambusters™ #306

The 5 Most Common Types of Airport Scams and How to Avoid Them
Airport scams are on the rise -- and increased security may even increase (rather than decrease) them: Internet Scambusters™ #305

2300 websites you shouldn't shop at
The good ones never sound like con men
Catching a thief via synchronized cellphone contacts
A scammer will appear to trust you
The twelve million dollar collies
Latest scammy spam
RE: Funds to Invest in Your Country (Reply) Reminder!!! 

The list goes on and on! There's even a database available where you can check if the email you received is a scam or not. See purportal.com for the information.

Have I been helpful? Please return the favor by voting and some of my other informative guides on scams and frauds and what you can do about them. Every vote counts and if you vote on 10 of my guides, many more people will see them on the internet. Thanks and may God Bless YOU!

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