US to UK Power Adapter Buying Guide

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US to UK Power Adapter Buying Guide

When buying products from overseas, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and laptops, it is important to have an adapter to ensure that the electrical equipment is compatible with the power supply used in the UK. Anyone that has a US device that they would like to plug into a UK mains socket should learn about US to UK power adapters, then they can find a product that best suits their devices.


Overview of US to UK Power Adapters

US to UK power adapters regulate the power supply delivered to electronic devices. The UK mains voltage is around 230 volts and in the US it is around 120 volts; this is a significant difference. When plugging in an electrical appliance from the US into a UK socket, the device immediately overloads with too many volts. This is dangerous, as it can short circuit the device, and in extreme circumstances, can lead to the device exploding. To prevent this, it is important to have a travel adapter that regulates the voltage and supplies the device with a safe supply that it can handle. US to UK travel adaptors have a three-pin design that is compatible with standard UK sockets.


Universal Travel Adapters

In addition to adapters that are designed solely to allow people to use American electrical appliances in UK sockets, there are also universal travel adapters. These world travel adapters are appropriate for electronics from many different countries, including the US. Some have removable components that change the voltage that they send to the appliance. Others have levers that allow the user to adjust the voltage delivered to the device manually based on the power needs of the device and the voltage available in the foreign country. Universal power adapters that work in multiple countries are usually more expensive than simple US to UK adapters, but they are also more versatile.


Popular Brands of US to UK Power Adapters

There are many brands of US to UK power adapters available. Conair and OSA create US to UK adaptors, in addition to universal travel adapters. Targus is also a popular brand that specialises in high quality universal adapters, including those that feature built-in surge protectors for additional safety.

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