USB 2.0 Digital TV SticK Receiver DVB for Apple Mac

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The  Digital USB Tv Stick brings you into the Digital World of TV Programs, without monthly subscription! You can now receive and watch FREE Digital TV Signals directly on your Apple Macintosh screen. With the Digital USB Tv Stick, you can decode,watch and record Digital TV and Radio on your Mac notebook or Mac desktop. The Digital USB Tv Stick frees you from television network programming schedules and allows you to easily record television on your Mac so you can watch shows when you want to. Then you can burn them to disc and watch episodes of your favourite show over and over again. You will be amazed how such a small stick allows you to access free digital TV and radio signals wherever you are. Turn your Mac notebook or Mac desktop into a digital entertainment center and live the digital life. Keep it Simple!
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  • Channel Reception - Probably the most important aspect of any Freeview Receiver - if it can't receive the channels you want, it is useless. Many TV Sticks we tested struggled to capture every UK Freeview channel transmitted even with good quality roof top aerials. Of the few that did pick up all of the channels, we chose the one that worked most reliably in the broadest number of situations.

  • Picture Quality - The TV Stick takes the digital TV pictures and captures them to disk or screen without re-sampling or transcoding. Therefore the image you see is the exactly the image that was transmitted, you could spend hundreds of pounds on a TV Stick and still not get better picture quality!

  • Features and Functionality - The TV Stick offers easy channel scanning, fast channel changing (some TV Sticks are painfully slow at channel changing) support for the Freeview over-the-air Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Subtitles.

  • Copatibility - And the most importingly is the USB 2.0 Digital TV SticK Receivercompatible with Apple Macintosh

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