USB Drum Kit by Dream Cheeky/Unsigned Orange

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This does not in any way relate to the ION USB Studio Session Drum Kit, this relates to the roll up kit that sells for between £10 and £25 on ebay.

This item is no use to anyone. I bought one brand new hoping to use it as a simple 'add on' to a proper drum kit, just for a few effects, but it can not be used even for that.

You can not play it as a toy drum set, it doesn't function well enough even to be a novelty item. The latency between your actual hit and the sample being played is relatively huge. You can not use things like ASIO4ALL, the bundled software has no options.

The software is dire, nothing really sounds nice and it is very limited. The hardware is much worse; the pads often miss and you have to hit them hard to get them to trigger more consistently which is impossible with the provided, plastic 'drum sticks'.

Please understand I never expected much when I bought it, just a toy drum set with crap software, but what I got was so appalling I had to warn other people away from it.

I will not be reselling the item, I don't want to disappoint some one that much. I got mine for £13 including postage, new, and it was still a waste of money.


If you want a cheap, novel drum kit to have a bit of fun on, look at the standalone, tabletop kits which often sell for very little more than these USB mat things. There's children's ones by Bontempi and the like as well as the basic Yamaha kits which are available all the time and have velocity sensitive pads you can bounce a drumstick off (to a degree). More importantly, they fire samples on time and also don't require a PC to do so, so if you find yourself tapping out a pattern on your air drums, you can actually grab your trusty, little, old Yamaha traps and play something. You can use a snare drum stand to hold them at a nice hight, and it looks cool. You can also plug headphones in - an open invitation to wear big drummer cans and make rock gestures with your real drum sticks - and you can plug the into an amp to show off to your friends.

Hope this helps.

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