USB Extension Cable Buying Guide

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USB Extension Cable Buying Guide

Using USB cables is a popular way to charge electronic devices and transfer information. The main function of the cables is to connect devices to a computer or charging port, so the items packaged with devices are long enough to reach a machine that is nearby. USB extension cables are available for those that want to connect devices over a greater distance. Understanding the types of USB extension cable helps buyers to identify the compatible product that best suits their requirements.


Overview of USB Extension Cables

USB extension cables have an A and B end. The A end plugs into the source, such as a computer or charging port, and the B end plugs into the device. Some USB cables have two A ends that are interchangeable and both fit into standard USB ports.


Types of USB Extension Cable

Each type of USB extension cable serves a particular purpose. Buyers should choose the cable that is compatible with the device they wish to connect.


Type of USB Extension Cable


A to A

Designed to connect two devices with standard USB ports


Maximum length is 5 metres

A to B

Connects printers and multiple computers


Maximum length is 5 metres

A to Mini-B

Connects some Blackberry and Motorola phones to computers and power supplies


Maximum length of 5 metres

A to Micro-B

Fits almost all Android smartphones, tablets, and e-readers


Maximum length of 5 metres


One male A end and one female A port


Actively repeats signals so that the information can travel over longer distances


Average length is 10 metres, but some are as long as 35 metres


Many buyers choose to purchase USB extension cables of each type. This means that they have a compatible extension cable to hand when they acquire a new electronic device.


Popular Brands of USB Extension Cables

Belkin makes a number of USB extension cables in all five types, including active cables up to 20 metres long. Many Belkin USB cables are high speed, which means faster charging and data transfers. Startech is another popular brand that manufactures mainly A to Micro-B cables. Some Startech USB cables have heads at right angles to enable them to fit into tight spaces.

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