USB Keys (Memory Sticks)

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Business Destroying Security Flaws - USB Keys (Memory Sticks)

These are a fantastic device as they are portable, can hold ever-increasing amounts of information and are the quick and easy
way to store all of your important files in a neat little package.

Most people use these to backup important documents and files. Many people transfer their current projects to it so they can take them out of the office to work on from the comfort of their homes. Other people keep all of their personal and secret information on them, like their resume’s, personal photos and emails or latest proposal etc.

Although very convenient, the majority of these devices are NOT SECURE in any way.

Should you drop this in the street, or have it stolen from your office, home, car or handbag, all of your information will be instantly available to the finder/thief upon insertion in their computer. What will they find out about you, your business, your clients or your next big secret product launch? All unsecured USB keys should be banned immediately.

If USB keys are required in the business, use a USB Drive with Fingerprint Identification built-in to ensure no-one can access your sensitive information.

1. Ban all USB Key (Memory Stick) devices within your company if they do not have Fingerprint recognition technology installed
2. For those employees who must have a USB key, supply them with a secure key which uses fingerprint recognition technology to authenticate the user

I trust you found this reading useful and hope it gives you some strategies you can put in place to immediately minimise the risk, inconvenience and potential loss of business you would otherwise encounter through the loss or theft of your personal and company confidential information.

Also, why not tell your friends and colleagues too so that they can share the benefits?

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